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  1. cutting normal trees. level 1 - level 17 reaction_times.csv
  2. People have been talking about there IP being "flagged". How do you know that your IP is flagged? Does Jagex notify you that is or something like that? A reply would be greatly appreciated.
  3. zubni

    Posting Mouse Data?

    Also has anyone submitted their mouse data? What happens after you do? Has it helped your botting experience in anyway?
  4. The first time I started botting was a few years ago and I loved it and still do. I have came to a point where i cant play runescape with botting because botting makes it easier and gives you a less of a hassle. Despite being banned 4 times on 4 different accounts despite reading Trilez guide to "Safe Botting" and mqny other methods aswell. It seems as if I don't enjoy Rs without botting. I like doing everything myself except leveling skills because I find it really boring. Does anyone feel this way as well?
  5. After i reply with my data what happens now?
  6. Last location before getting banned?: Relleka Skill botted?: It's funny because they banned me when I was log out and before that I wasn't even botting. The last skill I can remember I botted was Fletching Breaks or no? Yes If so how long?: 3-4 hours How long did you bot per day?:3-5 hours Banned before?:Yes Type of ban?:Botting Permaban VPS/VPN/Proxy?: No Scripts Used? Multiple Other Bots Used?: Many How many bots at a time were being run?: 1 Date banned?: October 27th Fresh account/Days acc used?: Not yet
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