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  1. Could it of been the proxies you used? I've been creating scripts with no anti-ban and a lot of fuck ups with my character spamming the same NPC for 5 minutes and no ban, also without LG. On top of that... This account I am using also got a report off a few people.
  2. I will look into it now, It could be the first step messed up because I don't have an account with low fishing so I couldn't really test it much later on in development. Edit : Fixed! Thanks for the feedback, It turns out I missed one of the conditions on the walking so it was yoyo'ing back and forward.
  3. Hello, I am creating a programme for a friend that takes a Username and Workstation ID input and then submits them to a database. I have my JFrame layout styled to how I want it Here is my current code that asks for 3 arguments public void setData(int id, String username, String date){ try { st.executeUpdate("insert into tester " + "values ('"+id+"','"+username+"', '"+date+"')"); System.out.println("Inserted Into The Database"); }catch(Exception ex){ System.out.println("Error :"+ex); } }How would I take the text entered in the JFrame to be passed to the correct place and then executed once I press submit? I've watched a few tutorials and learnt you need to add code to the ActionListener part but I can't think what I would be adding. Thank you!
  4. I can look into this later and see what I can do.
  5. I'm pretty new to Java, i've only been programming with it for a few weeks (I know a fair amount of C so it sort of transferred) At the minute it just has a bunch of methods with a few checks, If this do that etc. I released it because it works fine and it's great for people wanting to create new accounts and bot fishing, Over time I will be adding more to this, the node framework is priority right now.
  6. If that fails, PM me and I can make you one for deadman mode and when you see a skulled player it will run to a safe zone.
  7. Script has now been added to the repo! Enjoy and let me know how you get on
  8. Be more specific, You want it to pick up items with a specific ID?
  9. I'm just fine tuning a few things, hopefully in a couple of hours. Sorry for the wait
  10. Hello! I'm always up for a new challenge and i'm still learning! If you have a script you need making I will give it my best shot, I want as many projects as I can so I can learn new things. Requirements : - Nothing too time consuming
  11. Thank you guys! Also big thanks to the guys in Discord for helping me on my way <3
  12. You know what... i'm stupid Thanks for the selling the shrimp idea, that will save some time. I've used webWalking() for now, I will be making my own methods hopefully soon once i've read into it.
  13. REMOVED UNTIL FIXED - I am really busy with University work at the moment, sorry guys Give me a few days. Hello everyone! I'm new around here and i've been working on this script for a few days, I will run you through how the script works... 1) Finish Tutorial Island (Will be implementing Tutorial Island solver soon) 2) Start in Lumbridge courtyard 3) Start the script! Tips - Until I tidy some code up with node framework disable graphics on the client for better performance. Client > Disable Graphics From there the script with walk to the North-East fishing spots and pick up a net and get to Level 20 fishing by catching shrimps and anchovies. Once you have 20 fishing it will then speak to the Lumbridge Melee Instructor and get you a sword and shield. Heads over to chickens to get you to 20 Attack / 20 Strength / 20 Defence whilst picking up feathers. Once you have 2000+ feathers it will head over to Port Sarim goblins and kill them for 5gp to buy a fishing rod. Once it buys the fishing rod you will be taken over to Edgeville to Fly fish Salmon & Trout until you reach 50 Fishing. (Banking at Edge) If you die it will repeat the process again and again until you reach that fishing goal! Hope you enjoy and please leave some feedback as this is my first proper script release. More features coming soon! - GUI to change the amount of feathers you want - Change the Edgeville Fishing Level goal - PK skull detection (Runs to the nearest safezone) - Edge powerfish option - Total rework, node framework -ABCL10 Progress Reports : Releases : Fishing & Statbuilder v1.0 Known Bugs : - WebWalking sometimes sends you a crazy route, I will try and get this fixed ASAP.
  14. Thank you everyone! I will give it a go, Filters are something I need to do a little research on. What are the purpose of filters? Is it - Go through the list of NPC's and then filter through the ones that match the condition you are providing?
  15. Hello, I want to only attack NPC's inside a specific area, I have my tiles setup. I just can't think of a way to check if a Chicken is inside the area and if it is then attack RSArea area = new RSArea(new RSTile (3019, 3293, 0), new RSTile(3014,3286,0));Also is there a way to draw the area on my minimap or screen so I can see it working correctly, I found a few snippets but they all seem to be dated back from 2013. Thanks! <3