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  1. When I use it, the script just shuts down, and when I did get it to work, it just ran around south of the knight and made me look like a bot. Any suggestions how to get this to play without getting me banned?
  2. So do they associate my account with my IP? If I were to log the account onto a fresh IP address, would the account still be known as a potential botter?
  3. Hello all, relatively new TRIbot user here. I've botted a few accounts with OSBot (No hurtful comments), and all of them got banned. Now, I'm looking to do a little pest control botting on my main account with a premium script using ABCL10 security. I'll babysit the bot while it's running and shut it off when I log off of my computer. Is this a huge risk to do, with my IP being flagged? I've already associated the account with my IP address, so even if I did use a proxy, I'm assuming they'd know it's still my account. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!