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  1. If I were to create an cooking script at Edgeville, Can this Script... Custom Anti-Ban (Auto/Manuel) Walk a specific Path Open gates and doors And Successfully cook the food on the Stove (Range) without any issue?
  2. Typ33

    [FREE BETA] Tau Script Maker [Development Release]

    @TacoManStan That sounds good. Thank you
  3. Typ33

    [FREE BETA] Tau Script Maker [Development Release]

    I would like to make an cooking Script at Edgeville. 1. Having some trouble with opening gates. 2. Clicking food on Stove
  4. Typ33

    [FREE BETA] Tau Script Maker [Development Release]

    This is a awesome Script maker. I always wanted to test one out and here it is. Testing at the moment. I will post back my results. Thank you once again for this mate.
  5. at Falador Sometimes it clicks on the open door instead of the range.
  6. (Bought) 04 Nov 2015 - Auto Fisher Pro

  7. (Bought) 03 Nov 2015 - Tri Melee Ranged & Magic

  8. I just Purchase This Script. This is Officially my second Premium Script.
  9. Features I would love to see get ADDED: I Freaking love this paint. I hope this can be implemented. Doesn't have to look the same but Better. Do not Attempt to Attack NPC under attack by other players. (Happens often when killing Chickens) That's all for now.