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  1. I do understand this script, but I am really curious how you execute a script like this. Do you need a special program for this? I only have experience with a game engine which executes it for you.
  2. Elysiano


    Try to simulate a real players day.
  3. @Encoded For some reason nothing happens when I start the script.
  4. I usually bot 10 hours a day with 'realistic breaks'. Its like simulating a real players' day. Havent noticed much difference though, but thats probably because of the fact I am using f2p bots.
  5. Ah, I think I get it how it works now, thanks guys!
  6. Hello everyone, I've setup this break handler scheme I thought it would take the first, after that the second, and so on. Somehow it takes the 30 minute first (the 3rd one in the list). What did I do wrong, and how can I fix it that it begins with the first, then the second, etc. Thank you in advance!
  7. Do you also have automation tools for account creation? And do you have more information about releasing your automation tools? I'm really interested.
  8. I haven't pressed the 'restart' button, I had to kill the client completely. Then I try starting it again but when I'm in the GUI, in one of the editors, it freezes again and I have to try it again. The slave is never freezing, it's just the mule and the GUI.
  9. The whole client freezes, and I can't do anything but killing it in task manager. I Have a new vps, that might be the problem too. I was wondering if I could do something about it or it is just a bad vps
  10. How much RAM needs this mule script/client to be allocated? Mine crashes alot when editing orders, running on 512mb heap space per client.
  11. Yeah I did, I followed the whole tutorial and did what the tutorial told me. I thought this other topic would fit better so I have deleted this post here and added an post with a little more details here: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/36659-sigma-bot-manager-elite-polished-and-powerful-10month/page-3
  12. I have some questions. I have setup this whole thing, but my mule was not logging in, and my slaves just took all their noted logs from the bank and are just woodcutting like nothing happend. After 30 minutes it started logging in but didnt move a meter, and miserably failed to trade, what caused all my bots to do just nothing and randomly click on the screen and fuck the whole thing up. (There where two cursors which both tried to do something, but it didn't manage to get anything done). It's also spamming 6 or 7 lines of code each second. What do I have to do to get it working? I'm trying to create an order to collect 1000 logs from my slaves and trade it to my mule.
  13. Great, all my bots including my mule are banned. I thought you could run only 3 bots at the same time, but now those accounts are banned and I cant even use this script anymore.. Script didn't even work, 15 hours passed and only the beginning trade happend. Had an interval of 4 hours.
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