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  1. nvm it was in resizeable mode seems to be working now
  2. this script is not working at all for me ... in al k and it keeps trying to go off the course ...
  3. ....thanks now i lost it for ever...the addy you would have sent it to was a mixer from a website and it duz not lead to my accont it leads to a mixer .. it will never make it to me and it lost for ever ...
  4. like 3 hours seems to long...
  5. its bin a long time now and still nothing...
  6. still nothing anyone online that can help or did the site steal my money i am not happy!!!
  7. i just bought 10$ and it is not here yet ... i payed with btc and it said it should be done 10/15 mins it bin well over that now can someone help me...
  8. so is this script broken or not ? would love to have a update ... if fire runes are not working i dont want to use it
  9. hey so this script works on bank chests at castle wars right ?
  10. so this is the only script i have run on 3 accounts on a fresh ip/vps and all accounts have bin banned with in 1hour on runing walk to fally to bad loved this script will not be useing again sadly
  11. same thing is happanging to me when loading on centos 6 i did everything the same way and opened ports on my vps with iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -m tcp --dport 5901 -j ACCEPT can anyone help me fix this
  12. so this will not be working anytime soon i guess?
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