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  1. The first method I was using ended up getting patched by Jagex a day before I posted this thread, However there is a new "unban glitch" that is working right now. Fixed it, sorry
  2. Just a note to everyone, recieved a few emails and found the problem in the unbanning method, this weekend I will contact everyone that asked and we WILL get your account unbanned. The appeal must be submitted on your ip adress.
  3. Account unban process has been completed, waiting for the email from jagex confirming it
  4. Completed the services for the four accounts above, they should all recieve emails in less than 24 hours saying they've been unbanned! I'll be getting off for a bit but tomorrow I can do this for anyone that messages me!
  5. Working on his account as we speak! For my first 5 or so unbans I'm willing to wait for Jagex to send the email confirming your unban, please note it won't always get you unbanned. If it doesn't I will obviously refund the money!
  6. Completed the service for both the users above as vouch copies, expecting both of them to get unbanned within 24 hours. Will be expecting reivews from both of you Online and doing this for a small fee of 4M 07/$10!
  7. I used to be VIP for 2 months, I just recently came back to Runescape. This method became known to me when I tried getting my main unbanned.
  8. Willing to give out vouch copies to the first two trusted members that post!
  9. Hi tribot, my name is Ryan and I've loved doing math all my life. I've won many math competition awards, the math classes I offer are... Algebra I Geometry Algebra II Pre-calc AP Calc I can also do physics and chemistry, other math classes are available at special request. My Skype is astronomy1232 Once you add me we can discuss pricing depending on the difficulty and length of assignment!
  10. abra

    Free Tribot Proxies

    I'll take one, thanks!
  11. Not sure if you're able to force people to feedback you, but apart from that I wish you the best of luck with your service!
  12. Hi, I'm fairly new to the Tribot community, If you still need some workers feel free to add my skype:astronomy1232.Thanks, Abra.
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