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  1. I've swapped approximately 700m 07gp to EOC gp with Bogla. Never was any troubles, and he made sure to offer me the best rate (He actually matched a competitor's offer). I would recommend Bogla to anyone who wants hassle-free service and great rates
  2. This guy is a cunt, have also had dealings with him. Ban this piece of shit ASAP. This guy is a cunt, have also had dealings with him. Ban this piece of shit ASAP.
  3. Here is something interesting from my recent bans. 5 bots were running, for approximately 48 hrs non stop. With proxy enabled, 3/5 were banned, incidentally the three of which tutorial island was NOT done legitimately. I decided to experiment and determine if completing tutorial island legitimately would impact ban rates, and it did for me. Deduce what you will, but this is the first time that my bots have only partially been banned. I will continue to complete tutorial island legit on all my accounts now.
  4. Hi guys, need some help here. Of all my bots, the longest run time I've had has been 3 days. That's pretty bad considering I made total 20 accounts. Basically I want to know how to preserve the longevity of my bots. Should I train them to a certain combat, do certain quests? Would those actually be worthwhile to mitigate potential bans? I use a premium script with ACBL 10, and in the past did not use a proxy, and botted for around 8-10 hrs with around 6-7 hr breaks. Just recently, I bought a proxy. Now I heard that I should make accounts with the proxy, so that the accounts couldn't be traced to my main IP. My question is, how can I use my proxy with a browser? I tried to do it myself: http://gyazo.com/e326bbc3becdadfe0ea8b6dd56b8ebc3 Is what I did correct? I thought that if the proxy were in effect, my IP would be different. I checked my IP on the website whatismyip.com, and it's still the same. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated, and thanks for your time.
  5. Premium guy, helped me immensely. 10/10
  6. I do have "Concrete issues" with the script, but I actually don't care enough to dedicate my time to write up the issues I encountered. Simply, I will use the man script, because my experience with it was better than your script. If anyone here wants to script a premium chaos druid killer, or perhaps even man killer, I would be interested in purchasing.
  7. I tried Edgeville man script, and the Edgeville Druid script. The Druid script was quite average, and I received a 2 day ban for my accs using that one after a few days of smooth sailing using the man script.
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