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  1. I'll help you if you can get teamviewer.
  2. Thanks bud. Still looking!
  3. I currently have an account with 40 att/str/def/hp, nothing else. I was gonna train to do green drags, but you get pked too much and the profit just isn't there. What should I make the account into? (That I can use to bot for money)
  4. Yes, there is lots of money you can make. 3 mith bars plus d bones every kill, chance for dfs, and chance for dragon full helm. Back when the script was function i ran it for 2 days (with a break inbetween) and got dfs. Without the dfs I was profiting like 300k/hr. edit: plus you get chewed bones, and each chewed bones is a chance for a dragon full helm.
  5. Hello guys, a few months back I wrote a script that killed mithril dragons, and banked, and all that other good stuff. Lots of cool features on it. Anyway, I got back into it again and am re-writing it, but I lack the account for mithril dragons. Requirements: Access to ancient caverns (easy) 80+ defence 44 prayer Will need bank access for testing The script will not be used for more than 20 minutes at a time on your account, at MOST. I'm willing to pay 10m if someone can help me by lending me an account to finish this. Thanks, iNytrix _____ edit: Shoot me a PM if you're interested!
  6. I can't find the section where scripters sell their services of coding? Weren't there a few people that made custom scripts for money? where is that?
  7. what bars is he using? and is he using energy potions? Energy potions will make it go a LOT faster.
  8. I'm going to need around ~87k Mahogany planks, so if anyone is willing to run a plank-maker or something, or has a farm that already does this, PM me and we can talk about pricing, will buy all in 1 go.
  9. https://tribot.org/forums/forum/38-requests/
  10. Hey guys, if you have 10+ RC slaves that are able to run essence (fire altar/natures/other), I will pay some good money to have them run to me, more money than you'd make just doing the runes yourself obviously Basically, if you have the slaves I need, shoot me a PM and we can discuss further from there, I will make it well worth your time. I don't bot anymore, and RCing sucks dick, so I need dem exp gainz.
  11. If anyone has the monthly version (unlimited accounts) and has the ability to run 10+ accounts, I will pay good money to run the 10+ as slaves for RC exp. PM me
  12. Not a hoax, just not being developed. I have stuff to do in real life, don't have time to work on this.
  13. Definitely purchasing this once I get 99 FM. Sort of waiting for ardougne support as well, looks good so far though.
  15. Thanks TRiLeZ, the automatic lite version for new users will be a big help to scripters who require it for the paint. Good job!