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  1. @Tri please fix the bug where the bot attempts to attack another abyssal demon when it teleports beside you. makes you get piled when your in catacombs or looks very bot like when your trying to attack another demons when youre clearly being attacked already
  2. having a problem where the bot is fighting the monster selected but continues to right click around the room making it very suspicous
  3. Kranky

    help on mac

    ive uninstalled all javas and then downloaded the most recent java update 101 and im still having this problem please help
  4. Kranky

    help on mac

    https://gyazo.com/42f6cfe192f23a757f7716d2605ba21a https://gyazo.com/48a20feb5b8d3f6a4f0e5020eb5a61e8 this is my issue please help
  5. script has been broken for days, anyone looking to buy the script i would hold off until it is updated. script will just shut off without any reasoning. owner hasnt been replying to any concerns either.
  6. was going to buy this bot, thank god i read comments. looks like its broken and owner doesnt update. typical premium script now a days. it think if the script is broken and doesnt get fixed it should get taken down
  7. alching is broken if the item is worth a certain amount it will continuously try and alch the item and not go through the chat telling me that this is a valuable item blah blah blah, could be banned easily for this, please fix
  8. script is broken, i start the script at abyssal demons with all my settings that i had saved and it just runs away and logs out, for no reason. i have food and all that shit idk its just being retarded
  9. the bot rapidly tried to get into the boat when its already in the boat it keeps clicking the cross the bridge and is very detectable for botting please fix this.
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