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  1. Can you add an option to disable anti-pk? and stay until loot is over <x
  2. @Assume has the script been updated? Sorry to hear about your landlord problems!
  3. Awesome can’t wait, soon as it’s updated I’m going to buy again. This script made me so much. I wish I had more capital when I began
  4. I’m interested in knowing what kind of update are you going to implement. Is it just going to be same concept except no xing? Such as when I put a 54% win chance it was accept any stakes below that percent?
  5. Just want to say I’ve went from about 6m to 1.2bill using this script. I’m basically done because my zerk is almost 76 attack now from this script and I got my t bow so I’m happy. Sucks arena is getting nerfed
  6. Well since you told me what to set, I actually made 80m in 4 hours. And another 30m in the last 30 minutes. Script paid for itself x20
  7. Ahh sorry I was confused. Okay I’m going I set to 52% which I believe I saw in another post is a good number. And max x should be between 1.5-2?
  8. Im having a problem where if the opponent puts up a gp and then takes it all away, the bot doesn't notice and continues to go with the initial amount. Example- Staking an account where i have 47% chance of winning, my max bet is 5m min is 1m and im doing 1.5x and minimum 47% chance win. the opponent puts up 180m my account immediately puts in 5m and the other account takes away 180m then matches my 5m and the bot accepts into the duel.
  9. shift drop doesnt work with normal trees. tabs with multiple clients somehow blend client 1's settings to others. please fix
  10. @Druid if you say the fixed client works perfect then it has to be something im doing wrong. ill mess around with it a bit im sure i can figure it out. thanks
  11. @Druid Hey i'm really enjoying the script. One thing i have noticed and im not sure why is that occasionally the bot will click the minimap icon and it will get stuck with the map open. i am using the resizable option. Do you know why?
  12. jcnj609

    |w| Constructor [REWRITTEN 2.0] [ABC2 L10]

    was a little finicky but i figured it out lol. had to just delete the preset as it kept auto selecting it everytime i reset the bot. i set it to 24 override and use hotkeys. thank you!
  13. jcnj609

    |w| Constructor [REWRITTEN 2.0] [ABC2 L10]

    not sure why but after i set up larder space/oak lader and build/remove it, it talks to the demon butler but clicks an option to manually input an amount to fetch from bank rather than just clicking "1" to auto grab 24 (the previous option). thoughts?
  14. Hey I get this problem it stays in a loop with right clicking dream to start it. but hey @Naton your the man. Using this to train my new xlpc lmao
  15. Just went from 38-52 theiving script still works fine!
  16. @Tri can we get a rewrite or something. Script is basically an autoban now and has it fair share of bugs. One I always face is how it runs into the fight caves. I had one bot get to wave 3 lol
  17. jcnj609

    Netami's AIO Woodcutter Development

    Could you add a anti ban adjuster like your pest control? I personally have tried every wc script on Tribot. from watching my wc bots I see actually players “afking” after a tree is cut, while I notice all my bots are onto the next tree immediately.
  18. Was easily making 100k-150k hour per account . However almost every world was filled from someone else farming these already lol.
  19. jcnj609

    Auto Woodcutter

    I think overall it’s perfect, with the easy GUI setup. I’ve gotten multiplied 99 wcs and probably 4-5 pets. Personally I like when my scripts give me the option to choose how strong the reaction times are. Example with aagility script you can choose -5 to +5 in the levels of antiban. Or in netmais pc script there’s a sliding bar to determine the reactions. I’m not sure if this would be an option but for a premium version just like your fishing I’d buy a lifetime.
  20. jcnj609

    Auto Woodcutter

    Hey @Encoded I’ve made probably 200m+ with this script. However I think jagex has caught in and now I can’t cut woodcut very long without catching a ban. I would love to see a premium version of this
  21. jcnj609

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    I bought the unlimited lifetime ran 8 accounts all around 70 agility now, made back at least 15m. And only received 2 (2day) bans. Breaks are 1 hour on/1 hour off with a 20 minute randomness ran during jagex off hours which is just about the times I wake up and fall asleep. I also got agility pet pet on my maxed 60 attack pure at lv 32 thank you @Aropupu I think this is the best script on Tribot.
  22. I’m very interested in trying your new version. I’ve been unhappy with the other wc scripts and I have tons off accounts ready to test with! All different levels.
  23. jcnj609

    [Premium Scripter] Looking For Some Script Requests!

    a script that'll go from lumbridge at lv 3 to complete waterfall quest, then proceed to grand exchange and get enough dragon bones for 37 prayer. Then burning amulet teleport up to elder chaos druids and 1 item suicide them for profit.