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  1. Hey Tribot Members, looking for someone who knows the fights caves like it's their job, and can get me one without overhead prayers. I know this is a premium service and willing to pay the premium , account has 85+ range and 80+ hp so it can use blow pipe. Let me know your offers, include supplies needed in your price.
  2. I think the same thing. They do it so we have to purchase from third party people and pay a premium while they make a profit off purchasing right through the site.
  3. I did purchase myself some software to protect myself and get rid of the problem. This script got me agility squirrel pet at level 43!
  4. Same thing happen to me. About 5 days ago, lost 5m which isn't much but confusion on how someone in Netherlands got into my email without any suspicion. It's my own fault for not having 2 step verification and not having bank pin set.
  5. BUMP!! 10/10. Very quick and lowest price around.
  6. If you take all the precautions that's all over these fourms when botting, you'll be fine. Don't bot on an account you wouldn't want getting banned, if your botting you at the risk for being banned . But from what I've read the best thing to do is use LG, proxies, paid/private script, and using break handler . Since I've started using all these precautions and doing some human activity on the accounts, I haven't gotten a ban. I'm not gold farming but I do have several accounts each getting high stats and making some bank.
  7. This has really helped me a lot! Ever since I started using proxies and LG, I haven't received a ban yet. I also take the precautions on break handler, botting during jagex off hours , etc.
  8. Welcome Back! Look into LG and using Proxies, investing into Vip-E is well worth it.
  9. This Script is awesome, I really got my use out of it and will be using in the future. Did countless hours with great progress, even used progressive mode and had no problems. 10/10
  10. Hey @Mute , after the map update I seem to be having trouble where the account keeps trying to run into the water. It's happened three times and About an hour to two hours into running the script. After i just restart script and it works great.
  11. Appreciate you keeping us updated and getting back up pretty quickly!
  12. ISmither Pro blows, I was having banking issues every time it went to re up its inventory. I contacted scripter for a refund or at least a fix to the bugs and I never got a response.