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  1. PLEASE JESUS REALESE. for everyday this script beta isnt realesed ill be cutting off a toe. will update after each toe. EDIT: Currently ive cut off both pinky toes.
  2. please release soon i be paying too many people to level up my accounts to 18 slayer.
  3. well i cant say unused and unflagged bc i cant see if its flagged without using it:p. If anyone experiences being flagged by accounts being instantly banned ill refund the amount of proxy.
  4. Hey guys selling some extra sock5 proxies i got based in USA, these are unused and unflagged! $2/2.5m each
  5. jcnj609

    Making an account

    Personally when building my zerk, i took full advantage of every combat AIO script there was. I did wildy slayer/neieve once high enough combat and just let the bot complete every task. Very painless and was able to level combat while grabbing MM2 reqs which is a luxury having on a zerk build. Besides that id recommend using Einsteins miner for your 60 mining req for lunars. Tri's firemaking for 50 firemaking. Any wc script for 55 wc. USa crafting to achieve whatever crafting you need. ExNMZ script for maxing out the account. Just some basics, dont bot more then 6-8 hours a day and use some breaks. I find it best when i bot during jagex off hours.
  6. jcnj609


    did you try signing up for double xp weekend too?
  7. Thanks for the response! Now do you think i should take out the 1tb hard drive and only use a 250 SSD and invest more into 16gb of ram? 6-8 clients without crashing is my goal. @IceKontroI
  8. Hey tribot Users, ive been posting for awhile now talking about building my first pc, but never wanted to put out the money for one. I’ve always bought VPS’ and dedicated servers when doing my trail and error of gold farming. I always would check my profit margins and watch them be slim to none usually because of the cost of operations (using dedicated servers, proxies, etc). the profits i have so far id like to use to invest into my own PC. I really wanted to keep the inital build under $500 as ill still need to buy Windows OS, monitor, and i am assuming some other stuff too. Please look at my part list and tell me what else i need! Anyone’s help is appreciated https://pcpartpicker.com/list/MxzBYT
  9. Can you add an option to disable anti-pk? and stay until loot is over <x
  10. Awesome can’t wait, soon as it’s updated I’m going to buy again. This script made me so much. I wish I had more capital when I began
  11. I’m interested in knowing what kind of update are you going to implement. Is it just going to be same concept except no xing? Such as when I put a 54% win chance it was accept any stakes below that percent?
  12. Just want to say I’ve went from about 6m to 1.2bill using this script. I’m basically done because my zerk is almost 76 attack now from this script and I got my t bow so I’m happy. Sucks arena is getting nerfed
  13. Well since you told me what to set, I actually made 80m in 4 hours. And another 30m in the last 30 minutes. Script paid for itself x20
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