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    I've been on Craze for the past year, best pre workout by far. Low on caffeine too, so no crash/jitters.
  2. What you're paying for is quality. I own his Hunting script and I have to say it's probably one of the best on Tribot. This guy knows what he's doing and if you have any trouble he'll immediately correct any issues you have over Skype. He won't be "too busy" to reply to you. You can go ahead and read his bio as well as his scripter application thread and see what other people who actually have scripting experience say about him if you have any doubts.
  3. It's most likely lag, either internet or cpu. I just watched my bot do that but it corrected itself immediately.
  4. Any plans on having it drink energy potions while running to the abyss? It would increase runes p/hr by a significant amount.
  5. Making your own paths is very easy once you get the basics down and the hang of it. For slayer tasks you could just manually walk there yourself and use Guthans when you get there for the majority of the tasks. The beauty if this script is you can bot literally any monster. Also as Assume mentioned, the users can make custom pathing, which means in time, there will be plenty of custom paths for people to use. Since this script is still in its infant stage (imagine how flawless this will be in a months time) and the users are still learning, there won't be many custom paths for people to use. Just give it time.
  6. Sweet! The change log hasn't been updated yet. Thanks for listening to our suggestions.
  7. ^ You probably shouldn't display your auth like that. And your accounts.
  8. It's been confirmed sometime in the future that there will be a 'drop misc items' option.
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