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  1. Any ETA on that? Are we talking days/weeks/hours? Not sure when i should be restarting my stuff.
  2. @Optimus Could you please fix alching? Currently when alching it alchs an item and then tries to alch again. Since the item has been alched the script continues to run, but since 'alch' option was selected it doesn't deselect it and what happens is if the action right after the alch is eating food or in any way interacting with the inventory it will alch the item. This has been happening constantly. Alching food and potions and whatnot.
  3. Where should i be posting requests for this walker? I've noticed it's not using the Canifis slayer tower agility shortcut. Can this be implemented?
  4. Hello , i started getting this issue when launching OSBuddy via looking glass. Any clue what could be causing this?
  5. Hello, I bought this script five years ago when it was a one-time deal and now it's gone from my account. Can someone explain why this has happened?
  6. Thanks for the responses. I was able to fix it. It was a firewall issue apparently, thanks again for the input.
  7. For some reason i'm unable to attach my tribot instance to the OSBuddy instance. Both are running on 32-bit. What are the pre-requisites to using looking glass? I seem to be doing everything fine. I've deleted the files countless times and tried different versions of SDK(151).
  8. Hey, i'm trying to make a custom path from fremmenik slayer dungeon -> zanaris bank and back to monster but keep running into problems. Could you give an in-depth guide on how to do it? I'm not able to set it up by myself. Also is there a custom banking option? Cuz it keeps banking everything and just taking food, but i'd like to have a couple of combat potions with me.
  9. I was only refreshing the main page and checking the announcement part. Was not aware of this thread.
  10. Did he RIP or what? Why is there no update about bot status for a whole week?
  11. Can't find the changes for 1.17 anywhere, could you post them all in the first post as a spoiler or something like that? Would make it much easier. Also i encountered a bug last night where my bot broke one of his ahrims part and kept trying to equip it after dying and trying to get back the items.
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