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  1. Both my accounts have been banned tonight lol.
  2. pmed you the details.
  3. Can't find the changes for 1.17 anywhere, could you post them all in the first post as a spoiler or something like that? Would make it much easier. Also i encountered a bug last night where my bot broke one of his ahrims part and kept trying to equip it after dying and trying to get back the items.
  4. Any ETA on this? Kinda increased my Deaths / hr
  5. I sometimes find it dying due to lack of ring of recoil. It enters zulrah without having one equiped. Could you make a check while banking to see if one is equiped? EDIT: Either that's the bug or have it check the charges left on ring of recoil and if its <5 breake it and equip a new one? It might be because the ring has like 1 charge left and instantly breaks after being hit once. Another EDIT: What's the recomended amount of items to have when swaping gears? Atm i have my account swap 4 items for range and 5 when switching to mage, it kinda makes it look slow. Would you be able to speed up the gear swapping?
  6. How old is this main, and what other skills did you bot before using agility script?
  7. @TRiLeZ what should i do about my problem?? How do i fix this thing?
  8. @TRiLeZ what should i do about my problem??
  9. I am getting this error, what should i do? I can see the file in my settings folder btw.
  10. I gave you my data, why can't i try it yet?
  11. Welp all done here. When will i be able to use this? And if you have any questions about the reaction time or any other numbers i can explain it if need be. Xmouse_data-152426-1423392323938.dat Xmouse_data-152426-1423392847606.dat Xmouse_data-152426-1423393826659.dat Xmouse_data-152426-1423394388068.dat Xmouse_data-152426-1423394896403.dat Xmouse_data-152426-1423395437802.dat Xmouse_data-152426-1423395977542.dat Xmouse_data-152426-1423399113530.dat Xmouse_data-152426-1423406104769.dat Xmouse_data-152426-1423407864422.dat Xmouse_data-152426-1423411532614.dat Xmouse_data-152426-1423412302521.dat Xmouse_data-152426-1423426949008.dat Xmouse_data-152426-1423427987242.dat Xmouse_data-152426-1423432940106.dat Xmouse_data-152426-1423483541303.dat Xmouse_data-152426-1423483921918.dat Xmouse_data-152426-1423484310845.dat Xmouse_data-152426-1423485141380.dat Xmouse_data-152426-1423485526434.dat
  12. If i provide you with 20 of my mouse movement data files will i be able to use them myself as a normal VIP?
  13. Here you go, hope this helps! Xmouse_data-152426-1423392323938.dat Xmouse_data-152426-1423392847606.dat