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  1. what i can say...it's shitty script...got banned 5 accounts botting with breaks like 5 hours a day... in 2 days...gl
  2. hi, i have a question. when making air runes, bot teleports to altar, and always goes closer to altar, even if it looks directly to altar...same with going out...first goes closer to portal, and then it press to go out. maybe u can fix it? because it slow down bot, and it raises ban rate. thanks and sorry for my terrible english
  3. Hi can u fix this? and if it stuck there, bot will stand untill i stop script...Left for night, and it was stuck ~8-9h...
  4. Hi, only for me bot sometimes goes to pier at catherby and stands until i pause script, and walk back my self? P.s status says: walking to spot, but if i press go back and dont pauze before, it tries go to pier again.
  5. Mordaut(Classroom), Drill Demon, Pinball, Prison Pete needs fixing
  6. All I can say is make sure all the connections are enabled and pm me your code so I can test it I have same problem...after many tries it starts normaly. But when im botting not 1 account, i cant connect them all. Its took ages to connect 1 account
  7. Only i cant start script? or it's same problem to others? when i press on fisher on loader, paste code and press start. it thinks a bit, and than loader stops. why?
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