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  1. sedgy

    Tribot Loader Not Working.

    This works, however, that's where my private script goes!
  2. sedgy

    I need a private script made.

    Still looking to pitch my idea to additional scripters!
  3. sedgy

    I need a private script made.

    Hi there, I need a private script writing. Features A reliable path system that is pretty accurate.Ability to trade between accounts and distribute resources (master/slave)Ability to trade NPC's.Ability to detect combat and react to itPremium quality antibanPotential additional features Gui (xp/hr, profit/hr, time etc.)Progressive trainerReplace banned accounts with new accounts (using a list of pre-made accounts)Mouse speed customisation barTask systemI'm looking for the script to be done fairly quickly, but i can work around the scripter. Looking for a reasonable price but have a decent amount to throw at it. If you think you can do this for me, feel free to message me on tribot, post on the thread, or add me on skype (rs_sedgy) and we can discuss the script in more specific details. Thanks!
  4. Hit again with bans, all 4 accounts banned after roughly 36-48 hours. I scouted out the blast furnace afterwards and not one level 3 is there, hell, nobody there is under level 17. I'm guessing the blast furnace got cleared again.
  5. I find every second account is created but does not complete tutorial island. So 1/2 accounts are incomplete. Any fix to this?
  6. Totally agree, if everyone with say 5k+ bars sells them at 600gp/each, buyers have no choice but to buy them at 600gp if they want bulk.
  7. Also banned on all accounts today (4). Got most of my bars beforehand though, lucky! I don't expect my next group of accounts to make it past 2-3 days but we'll see!
  8. Yeah, that's my worry, how long until the blast furnace is only ~150k/hr? steel bars have dropped to ~500gp before. Best make the most of it while it's still 350k/hr+. Currently running 4 accounts, totaling roughly 3.4k bars/hr, although I've been selling then up around 670/680gp, it takes longer but if everyone did it prices wouldn't be dropping. Haven't been banned once yet either, really says something about not only the quality of the script, but the value of using scripts with fewer users. Thumbs up for dax though, he's created a great script here.
  9. What about mine? I can upload some additional files to add to my current 20 if needed
  10. Sorry for being the one that's always posting bugs! I just want to help you identify them The script always keeps extra coal in the machine, which is great, however, when making steel bars, you run out of coal before iron, it then stops the script because there is no coal in the bank. This means there is still about 120-150 coal in the machine and 120-150 iron in the bank. I think this may be similar to the iron bar thing!
  11. No worries, thanks for the quick reply! I'm planning to buy the unlimited auths once i've trained some more accounts.
  12. @daxmagex Got a problem with the iron bars. It keeps ending the script and states in the log, "SUFFICIENT COAL: false" then ends the script.
  13. The script runs really well, currently running at 500 steel bars an hour or about 220k/hr. A little lower than expected but this is due to people not repairing the machine and having to wait long periods of time. I think the people who are not botting are waiting for the bots to fix it, but most bots are leeching. There is one bug i have noticed though so far, when the bar dispenser isn't working, the script runs and stands in a particular spot, it does this almost every time and it's liable to get you reported a lot, i'll post a screenshot below.