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  1. nothing in inbox yet
  2. osrs agility training from lvl 56 to 70? graceful equipped bank locked.
  3. if for any reason it cant be done, dont worry its only 8 bucks, no biggie
  4. I meant to buy e-VIP but I purchased regular vi on accident, I only bot with looking glass so normal vip is no good to me, Iv purchased a 2 day trial in the mean time so I can still bot but I was wondering if the the regular vip and additional credits be removed and replaced with e-vip? Sorry for the hastle guys.
  5. I have to pay another 8 credits to do that, and if I do there looks to a graph with vip and a separate graph for e-vip, thus rendering my purchased vip usless, what would be ideal is if my account could have the normal and trial replaced with an e-vip?
  6. well ill be, what a great script. The reason I love ur script over others is the fact it clicks the npc on different parts of there body not just the exact same spot over and over which is increda bot like if there npc is trapped. great j00b!
  7. I have inside information that jagex download popular scripts from all botting sites and add counter algorithms to jarvin ( jagex automated bot busting program) based of all the popular scripts. Sounds intense I know but its how they are able to stay on top of botting so well. Only way around it is to build your own script not using the standard autofighter base, so im told anyway. pretty intense conspiracy stuff huh.
  8. Ran the script on 3 different accounts, all different ip's and all were over 6 months old (one was 6 years old) first account banned in 1 hour and a half of using. the other 2 were banned the next day within a few hours of each other both were botted separately. one got banned by 3 hours and the other got banned within 1 hour and a half. All of those accounts were not flagged and had no offences. 1 of them did use sigma magic to alche for 1 hour last week. Perhaps bad luck but I doubt it. Worth looking into, I reckon jagex have a counter algorithm or something against your bot. Apart from the bans this script was amazing.
  9. I dont mean to be rude but whats the ban rate like?
  10. I just wana say that your doing a great job with your customer support and updating your script I have purchased this for alch'ing and it's really refreshing to see how active you are as a scripter towards your product and also your patience you have with customers that have attitudes haha. Your a real credit to tribot, and its people like you that change the face of whatever they work for/under. Good job mate. and thanks edit: it's not often I genuinely compliment someone.