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  1. Hey guys, I just wanted to hear a lot of opinions from the community. The reason I am asking this question is to see the different type of perspectives and POV people have in the community. So here it is again, What would you guys do if you had 200M 07(even if you have more than that, that's fine you can still answer it )? Excited to hear from your guys!
  2. And then do what with the money ?
  3. Welcome mate! Hopefully you enjoy your stay!
  4. Hey man, Like @ohParadox said, it depends on the bans. However, since you have 99 mining. People might just want an account that has 99 mining. It could go for over 50M I'd say, unless it has any botting bans . If I were you, I'd get that strength to 90 possibly 99, ranged to 99 and 70 agility (So they have more energy when running around). If that, prices would go up like crazy .
  5. Hey man, VIP is usually used when you want to use a bot on more than one tab, and also you can use the free scripts if you have VIP. VIPE is usually used when you want to use proxies on your bots, plus everything a VIP can do. However, if you want to bot on one account only, you do not need to buy VIP. You can use premium scripts without having VIP, as long as you are botting on one account.
  6. I work in a super trusted questing service. However, I personally cannot do firecapes, but I will add you if anyone on our team agrees or can do it. Hopefully, we can work with you, I'll let you know as soon as I get a reply. Goodluck on getting the firecape
  7. Nice to see you came to a conclusion . Yeah, I also have his motherload miner. However, I didn't use it for some time . If you are having some trouble with it, you could try and... PM him here: https://tribot.org/forums/user/73796-starfox/ OR Write your bug/issue with the script here: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/35220-abcl-10-sigma-motherlode-miner-premium-the-premium-quality-motherlode-miner/page-31 Anyway, goodluck with humidifying .
  8. Hey man, I would recommend you getting Sigma's Magic script, even though it costs $10, it has a very good anti-ban, and probably the only script out of premium and free that has humidify. Your other two options would be, 1) PM a scripter such as Sigma, and request him to make you a private script, which would, in most cases, cost you more than $10, as it would be a script made, only for you. However, you can always try contacting one of the scripter's. 2) You can wait for some time until someone releases a free humidify script. Hopefully I answered most if not all of your questions. Goodluck on getting that humidify script .
  9. Hey man, Welcome to the forums! , nice to see another GFX designer on forums. Do you have any past work that you can display? Thank you and welcome again. -Trianguler-
  10. Well $10? I'm in. Thanks for doing this for the community
  11. A few of my friends were botting. They got banned lol. Gratz!, you're lucky it went good for you .
  12. Hey man, I can't understand what you're saying. If its about having breaks, @ has already said that it's already implemented, if you need any help you can PM me about it or make a thread. If you're talking about botting for an "x" amount then having the client close automatically? That would be nice, there are other alternatives for that though. You can use Command Prompt and set a time to your desktop/laptop. I forgot the instructions myself, but I'm sure there is a guide out there explaining how to do that. Basically what this does is, for example you want to run your laptop/desktop for about 4 hours then close it, you can set it to that time and it would automatically shut down. Hopefully I cleared your doubts.
  13. Hey man, Sorry to hear about your loss :/, sucks to have your main banned. Maybe what you can do is, get your melee stats to 60-60-60 or so, then do LEGIT NMZ to 99-99-99 (would take about a month). You would start by investing a mill or so, however if you spend all your NMZ points on herb boxes you will profit from them. You can only purchase a maximum of 15 herb boxes a day, so you can bulk up on points then spend them on herb boxes everyday. After you have maxed out, you can sell your account on other sites (can go over over 400-500 dollars) because of it being maxed or you can lend it to people for like 10M a day or so, which is very good and if you think about it in 100 days if you keep lending it out you can make 1000M (DO NOT SELL/LEND ACCOUNTS ON TRIBOT) This is just something I would invest my 5M into, other than that, it's upto you . Goodluck with whatever your decision is! If you have any other questions, feel free to talk to me on skype (I think I have you added from before).
  14. Hey there, Unfortunately, private scripts won't change the ban rates. Most they can do is add ABCL 10, as that's probably the best anti-ban yet. I didn't order a private script before, however, I will order one soon (for automatic zybez offer posting). Private scripts are unique, you may want a script that isn't on TriBot, and has very good features just for yourself, hence it is quite expensive. Anyhow, goodluck with your decision on private scripts .
  15. Hey man, Welcome to the forums! I really like the comic show of the thread layout . I might consider buying graphics from you. Also we need to see some examples of previous work. Anyhow, goodluck with your shop, looks great!
  16. Hey man, One TriBot credit = $1 Which means if you want to buy a $5.99 script, you would have to purchase 6 TriBot credits. Hopefully this cleared your doubts .
  17. Hey, Nice release lol. Something I'll try out later for sure . I'll let you know if I find bugs/flaws if any. Thank you again.
  18. Damn lol. I never knew looters could make so much. My friend had luck so he looted an AGS a week or so back lol. Anyway, progress looks more than amazing! Goodluck on making more money!
  19. This is exactly what I heard too. I wasn't a 100% about this so i didn't raise my voice. Well, goodluck withw whatever you choose @udidoo
  20. GG Runescape #DDoS #OopsLizardSquadDidItAgain Really.
  21. If a person tried to dispute with credit card. It isn't the easy "get-yo-money-back-for-fun" via paypal way. You still gotta show them proof. You can't just randomly dispute via bank w/o showing proof. And they don't have stupid bots checking for you like PayPal's. There are real people, and they take time to check
  22. Thanks for this . Makes it 100x easier, thank you.
  23. Hey, Sorry to hear about your loss. The best you can do is call PayPal, discuss this with them. Show them proof of everything that has been done. (However I do doubt they would take "serious" action once they find out it's about RuneScape gold as it's not allowed to sell/buy anyway). However, do try and see what happens. This is the main reason I don't use PayPal, I started using BTC and moneybookers. Goodluck with whatever happens Thank you.
  24. When you said "There is no rules saying you can/can't sell". Well, the reason of this thread is to implement a rule that would make money making prohibited or not allowed on TriBot. You do have a point on the moderator confirming the money making method, however there would always be problems of the seller knowing the method and then arguments just enter TriBot.
  25. I support this, I think they should ban the selling of money making guides on TriBot for sure. Reason being, people tend to know the guide and rage the person selling something they know. They would just rage and eventually start posting threads saying "So and so scammed me with the easiest money making guide". For example, today, someone sold a money making guide which was... merchanting, which was the buyers fault, however the seller probably knew that 95% of the Rs and TriBot community knows what merchanting is, and he did indirectly scam the customer. So, lets also be reasonable, there aren't way's of making 5m/hr and even over 3M/hr unless you stake (which is luck), merchant (everyone knows how to do, and you would need around 100M to earn 3M/hr) or farm bot (extensively). Again, this is my point of view, I may be wrong, I may be right. This isn't however effecting me because I don't buy money making guides because I think it's a waste of money but why not support it? As it may help lower the arguments and rages that happen around the forums. Thanks.