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  1. Trianguler

    Looking for a humidify script

    Nice to see you came to a conclusion . Yeah, I also have his motherload miner. However, I didn't use it for some time . If you are having some trouble with it, you could try and... PM him here: https://tribot.org/forums/user/73796-starfox/ OR Write your bug/issue with the script here: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/35220-abcl-10-sigma-motherlode-miner-premium-the-premium-quality-motherlode-miner/page-31 Anyway, goodluck with humidifying .
  2. Trianguler

    Looking for a humidify script

    Hey man, I would recommend you getting Sigma's Magic script, even though it costs $10, it has a very good anti-ban, and probably the only script out of premium and free that has humidify. Your other two options would be, 1) PM a scripter such as Sigma, and request him to make you a private script, which would, in most cases, cost you more than $10, as it would be a script made, only for you. However, you can always try contacting one of the scripter's. 2) You can wait for some time until someone releases a free humidify script. Hopefully I answered most if not all of your questions. Goodluck on getting that humidify script .
  3. Trianguler

    Personal experiences with private scripts

    Hey there, Unfortunately, private scripts won't change the ban rates. Most they can do is add ABCL 10, as that's probably the best anti-ban yet. I didn't order a private script before, however, I will order one soon (for automatic zybez offer posting). Private scripts are unique, you may want a script that isn't on TriBot, and has very good features just for yourself, hence it is quite expensive. Anyhow, goodluck with your decision on private scripts .
  4. Trianguler

    Troll Superheater [Progressive]

    Hey, Nice release lol. Something I'll try out later for sure . I'll let you know if I find bugs/flaws if any. Thank you again.
  5. Trianguler

    New Account Recovery Form

    Thanks for this . Makes it 100x easier, thank you.
  6. What happens if the customer offers 100K for an even amount of flax but the bot offered bow strings because that was an even number that could be offered too? I am really curious about this because I metch legit about 4 hours a day and make 5M'ish so idk. Also, is there an option in which you can tell the bot to switch all zybez offers to buying except selling? So for example when it touches 5-10M it should start buying. Is that a feature? Thanks.
  7. How does it detect what item another user/customer wants to buy? Just really curious. Also, if I use this for like 4 hours a day, on my main, would the ban rates be very low? (I will also use 15-20 minute breaks per hour). So, I was just wondering. Thank you
  8. Trianguler

    |w| Quests [ABCL 10] [NOW FREE]

    Can you add all/most f2p scripts in this? I will be more than happy to purchase this if you add all the f2p quests. Thanks .
  9. Trianguler

    Fight cave scripts

    Hey, The botting ban has become critical but ABCL 10 can handle it quite well. However, it depends on what you bot. I recently botted an account at blast furnace, and I got banned within hours. (It had some combat stats, etc.) I think if there is a script for fight caves; go for it. Make sure you check out the review/feedback of the script before you purchase it. Do a little bit research, I may not be giving the best tips. Hope this helped a little.
  10. Trianguler

    Private Script

    This pretty much. He's amazing in private scripts.
  11. Trianguler

    Crafting Bot

    Hey man, He was talking about an RS3 script that spins flax since his thread is posted in the RS3 script requests.
  12. Trianguler

    Back in the game and started learning how to Script

    Hey there . This may not be the pots which answers your question as i'm not a developer/scripter myself. However it's nice to see another Jr. scripter on forums. Also, your English is just fine . Goodluck with coding/scripting . Hoping to see you become TriBot's Scripter one day . -Trianguler-
  13. Lol i've been using it for so many days. For so many hours. Made over 2M that's odd :/
  14. My dynimic signature wouldn't update for some reason.
  15. Been using this Script for 36 hours in total.. and it's a new account as well . So I took a break today
  16. Just bought this script today. It is working well for me, however I have one suggestion. I don't know if it's the client error, bot error or a way to increase anti-ban but it slightly lowers the xp/hr. The bot clicks the iron ore rock before it re-spawns, making it click just the rock, then it waits for a second (even when it re-spawns) then clicks it again. Again, I don't know if this is increasing ban percentage or reducing it. Just wanted to put it out there, if it's fixable and can be fixed, please fix it. Thank you -Trianguler- EDIT - can you also implement a feature where it screenshots your level-ups? So for example if you were to get 99 mining you can have a screenshot of it, you can make it an option where it can do that, perhaps?
  17. Trianguler

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    Is this script fully functional atm?
  18. Whenever I cook raw sharks, it would just click the raw shark and keep clicking on the side, no on the fire. Can you please fix this. Thank you.
  19. Trianguler

    Delta Cooker

    Updates? Does this still work effectively?
  20. Is black chins supported? I just need the developer to answer this question, thank you.