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  1. I couldn't attend two of java lectures because of work, and the professor usually works through the assignment so as long as you follow him through by the end of the lecture you have a completed assignment to turn in for a grade. I can't get my code to work and it's near impossible to have a one on one with the professor. I can no longer turn this in for a grade, but I want to know how the code looks. I need assistance in getting a walk-through on how to code it, and am willing to pay for the working code (with comments). Below is the assignment. https://gyazo.com/5bb05eff2d65eaa0a87124639a7fac42 Skype: thuggin.psx
  2. great quester, been using him for the past month for all my questing needs and he has the best prices and had access to my accounts the entire time. never doubted him as a legit professional service provider. will continue to be using him as i honestly doubt i can find someone better.
  3. Lol. $50-60 to complete a quest script. Good luck
  4. You're not getting unbanned LOL stop crying Reason why: You weren't hijacked.
  5. Does progressive mode work all the way to dragon defender correctly currently?
  6. If you want to TRAIN, do you have to have the quests done? Or do you just buy a game and you can go inside and train?
  7. Funny how the scripter is only responding to potential buyers and ignoring posts complaining about bugs. I do realize you might be one of those stuck scripters that chooses to ignore everyone complaining unless they fill out your bug report format, but you could at least post saying the script is working fine on your end.
  8. grenwall


    "For hijacked accounts only" Wouldn't it be easier (and more realistic) for them to add all names to a self made program that will check ip changes on the account and see if there were any password changes and ip location changes made around the same time than actually them manually looking through every account? I don't even see the point in spamming bot banned accounts as it doesn't take much to see an actual hijacked account.
  9. Tried lending you my account but didn't have prayer requirements, hopefully someone can lend you their account. He is trustworthy, and didn't loot my stuff.
  10. Just got a "Bot Busting Ban" for one day with this script. Going to take it easy with the botting for a while for now. Then only bot when I can watch it.
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