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  1. I mean I'm honestly just trying to figure out as things go. If you would like to enlighten me as to why this is so funny to you maybe I could learn something.
  2. The reason I'm asking is because I believe that this is the reason why we're all being caught so fast. I just made an account and played through the tutorial myself and the account is still going on a Flagged IP.
  3. I just wanted to know how many people that are active botters use the tutorial island scripts?
  4. How many bots can i run on this computer?

    Why do you have 16gb ram? Is that even being utilized? If you have a 2.4Ghz CPU and your GPU is probably 1.5Ghz what is the whole other chunck of RAM being utilized with?
  5. Botting on DMM

    Its the same as any other world.
  6. Hey

    Hey Genii!
  7. No clue anymore my god

    Not trying to offend in anyway but what I told myself is I gotta be more creative and I've thought of more methods. So I guess try different ideas.
  8. Dude Joe! I just bought the script! Works like charm if you know how to set it up properly. Its kinda crazy to, my review was negative at first and now I love it. Looking forward to updates and if you add me on Skype I could let you know of any issues I find. I found one bug that is causing the script to not run flawlessly, so hit me up!
  9. Used one time for 7hrs and im banned...

    I have just gotten back into botting and have found it extremely difficult to pick back up but as far as I've seen the Looking Glass is the best route to go.
  10. So I wanted to update with another post. I ran the script successfully with Lite-Mode Enabled and the script works really well. I wanted to apologize for any bad publicity I had created through the bugs I reported when Lite-Mode was off. I might actually buy the script now, but is there gonna be any Holiday discounts?
  11. New botting PC for LG ?

    So looking at what you posted. I would say invest into a i5 or i7 Intel or a AMD AM3+ CPU then also a slightly good graphics card that runs a DDR3 with at least 3GB GPU and then get 8GB of total ram. I am using a AMD setup and I am able to run about 14 LG clients with my computer.
  12. Botting Tips?

    So I don't think your gonna get full methods or great beneficial tips from anyone whom wants to keep the way things are but there are a few things I could tell you bud. So buying VIP-E is a great start because then you can buy Proxies to cover your main IP. Creating and botting accounts under that proxy will keep your real IP from being flagged for botting.
  13. I played through the whole campaign and found myself really disappointed compared to the last Halo games in the series. For example fighting the Warden Eternal around 5 times was a big let down in terms of a Boss fight. The campaign didn't even include any progression on the Story itself, it left me feeling lost. As for the Multiplayer I was even more disappointed because I had also played Destiny before hand. The characters in Destiny are called Guardians, and so are the Spartans in Halo 5. Comparing both gameplays, I say the only thing actually missing from Halo 5 that would turn it into Destiny if it had it, is the Super, the maps, armors and weapons with different stats. So overall I wish I could return it but I bought it digitally.
  14. Oh well that makes sense but if that's the case this should be stated in the first page in the instructions. No where is this mentioned till now.
  15. Would any of you buy a pair of Shiftwear shoes?

    Any part of the shoe can be changed in color though and design.