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  1. Dude Joe! I just bought the script! Works like charm if you know how to set it up properly. Its kinda crazy to, my review was negative at first and now I love it. Looking forward to updates and if you add me on Skype I could let you know of any issues I find. I found one bug that is causing the script to not run flawlessly, so hit me up!
  2. jdeezy415

    Used one time for 7hrs and im banned...

    I have just gotten back into botting and have found it extremely difficult to pick back up but as far as I've seen the Looking Glass is the best route to go.
  3. So I wanted to update with another post. I ran the script successfully with Lite-Mode Enabled and the script works really well. I wanted to apologize for any bad publicity I had created through the bugs I reported when Lite-Mode was off. I might actually buy the script now, but is there gonna be any Holiday discounts?
  4. jdeezy415

    Botting Tips?

    So I don't think your gonna get full methods or great beneficial tips from anyone whom wants to keep the way things are but there are a few things I could tell you bud. So buying VIP-E is a great start because then you can buy Proxies to cover your main IP. Creating and botting accounts under that proxy will keep your real IP from being flagged for botting.
  5. Oh well that makes sense but if that's the case this should be stated in the first page in the instructions. No where is this mentioned till now.
  6. If Lite-Mode was enabled then the top of my Tribot client would be colorless, not black and colored in.
  7. Here is a picture as requested and to show people what they are also buying. I stated in a previous reply that the script replaces the interfaces of the Tribot Client itself. The script also makes it so you can't disable or enable "Block User Input" or exit out of the Tribot Client itself. The script works faulty on any setting that is set on the HP slider, I have tried starting the script 3 times and every time it goes to the bank withdraws a full inventory of food and starts eating at full HP. In all the times that I have started the script, the bot has not once even made it close to the trap door in Edgeville nor has it crafted a single orb for me. ​
  8. jdeezy415

    [ABCL10] Netami's Air Orb Charger

    Hey Brother I have been testing out your script the past few days and it works way better than the paid one that is out. Can you please add me on skype? Theres one glitch that makes the script running fluently and can be fixed easily. I also wanted to thank you for the contribution, with a little bit of more work this could become something really amazing.
  9. So just an update to everyone before buying this. The Trial doesn't even work properly, it causes a whole bunch of bugs with the Tribot client itself. It starts to replace interface buttons such as Start Script with buttons that say "Elemental Orb Crafter". I started up the script with proper settings and right after it withdrew a whole inventory of food and started to eat them all. At this point I couldnt even stop the script, so I had to exit out of the whole Tribot client just for starting this script. I have no idea why the author is charging 20$ an auth when the script can barely start up.
  10. I was really interested in buying this script but after reading comments I'm going to hold off.
  11. Dude your not helping the situation, I am a new user to this forum, so how am I suppose to know that? I am trying to get answers but as you can see I havent got any yet. So please take your comments elsewhere. I was just looking for answers on why it was not working and how to get it working since I have no idea. My friend paid for it with his Credit Card. So a mod can close this now but I would hope the problem is found so this doesn't happen again. I also think Sadel might be right.
  12. Fasho I was looking at that, but I didn't know if to trust. Thank you for recommending Nukem, been trying to get these credits for a few days. I am just extremely frustrated by the fact that I thought I did everything right. I don't know why I got refunded, do you see something I am missing here?
  13. I am needing assistance on this issue because I wanna figure out how I can purchase credits? I've seen a Moderator already look at this thread and post no reply. Can someone please explain to me how to do this?
  14. EDIT: Issue was resolved from friend helping me buy the credits, but the overall issue was not fixed and there is proof below to help any Admin or Moderator try to come to a conclusion for what happened to prevent anything from happening again. The situation: I bought credits using Paypal, I thought I had made an error and the payment was refunded. I then checked if my Paypal email was correct & the verified email was correct on TriBot. So I tried again using Paypal and then I got refunded again. The error was that I was not using the correct Paypal email with my verified TriBot Email I had provided but I had just checked that both were correct and is shown in the proof below. Proof 1: Proof 2: Proof 3: The User Salem made the conclusion that two emails connected to one Paypal account might of been the issue but it still has not been proved. I hope this helps. Thanks!