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  1. I was trying to get back into botting but sadly this time I am sure my times are over, first account got banned like a week ago, then yesterday I bought ext vip + a proxy and 15 credits, runned script on proxy and got banned in 3 mins, so I am pretty done. Now ofc I wont ask a refund for the ext. vip but is there a possible way to sell back or sell to anyone else those 15 credits, since I am not intrested in using them anymore so otherwise it would be throwing away 15$.. Thanks, Hidde
  2. [10:47:24] GUI COMPLETE: Tri Al-Kharid Warrior Fight Has Started [10:50:31] Script Ended: Tri Al-Kharid Warriors. I got banned in 3 mins No idea whats going on.. Bought a new proxy and made a new account.. I dont know how this is possible
  3. Got it now thanks guys
  4. Hey guys I just bought extented vip cuz I wanna check out some gold farming and now I was asking myself do it automatically gets of 8$ every month? Cuz I dont want that so if yes how do I cancel it for another month? thanks
  5. nvm how do I delete this? :$
  6. Oh damn sorry to hear.. Started my own legit 07 account again, 94 runecraft now and few 99s You have a new account yet?
  7. Hey guys so I am starting to get back @Tribot!! my account got banned when at like 92 rc with like 1000 ehp. Now I got a legit acc and I will keep playing it legit but I would love to get back into tribot's community. And tbh I need a little help, I wanted to get back into goldfarming too so tried some script on random acc and got banned in literally 2 hours. Is goldfarming still possible, if yes: - What proxy server / vpn / vps or dedis or something should I get -and the biggest question: How can I bot w/o getting banned in the 07 of 2015? If you wanna help me out, feel free to pm/reply!! Btw: Tribot acc 2 years old in 5 days!!
  8. Hey usa, I have been using your script alot in 2013/2014, but like is this still worth it? I now have a legit main which ill always keep playing legit, but lately I asked myself can I still goldfarm? So I ran a random free script on new acc and it got banned in 2 hours Do you think making new accs for this would be worth it? Or would they be banned by getting the reqs already (I could also get them legit if worth it) But yeah It should run for like at least 30-40 hours.. I could also buy proxy's and stuff, maybe if you can help me a bit you could sent me a pm on how I can survive the best botting now
  9. Great will obv. use to get like 70 Herb thanks!
  10. Hey Hidde, Thanks for getting back to us. As I’m sure you are already aware of, our Rules state that players must not use other software to gain an unfair advantage in our games, this includes automation tools, macros, bots, or auto-typers. Please have a read of our rules regarding Macroing, and third party software for more information regarding these offenses. I understand you may seem surprised that this situation has occurred, players are often surprised at being caught and further surprised at the level of punishment taken against their account. Our internal systems go through stringent testing before being used and we are extremely confident in these systems. At no point do we enjoy removing someone from the game, it’s our goal to ensure that as many people as possible can play the game and ensure that they are enjoying their experience as much as possible. I appreciate you were hoping for better news, however I may be able to help you further. As a gesture of goodwill I’ve passed the details of your account onto our specialist Moderation Team to take a further look into the macro offense. At this point I must stress that I can’t make any promises, but if there is something that we can do then we will get back to you as soon as possible.
  11. Are those prices 07 or eoc? and are you still doing this?
  12. Good tutorial, mmogoogle u´ll be banned soon
  13. http://gyazo.com/a0c7cd548be3596809916ee6a8313c71 20h prog & perm ban