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  1. iLinksy

    Please update the client again

    Client has been updated, start it now and it will update
  2. iLinksy

    TRiBot Release 9.223_0

    Thanks guys, glad to hear it
  3. iLinksy

    Setting area

    How would I turn this into an area that allows me to perform an action? Been at this for hours and I think I need an outsiders look :/ else if (id == 36776 && !(player.getX() == 3206) && !(player.getY() == 3228))
  4. iLinksy

    Setting area

    I need it in Java terms, going for a complex script with my own client and doesn't have predefined libraries like TRiBot
  5. iLinksy

    Setting area

    Instead of listing out certain tiles to which the if statement can keep to, how would I go about setting an entire area or would I have to list out every tile I want included?
  6. iLinksy

    Experiment Script

    Yeah, you know what I meant That's pretty simple then
  7. iLinksy

    Experiment Script

    So it's simply a matter of putting a timer allowing it to do it's thing
  8. iLinksy

    Experiment Script

    Would it require a waiting timer for the ectophial to fill before leaving the area or does it fill itself while you're away from the teleport area?
  9. iLinksy

    Experiment Script

    I'll have to look into it as i've never used ectophile myself, but will certainly give it a go
  10. iLinksy

    Experiment Script

    Thanks man will be nice having the backing of an experienced scripter with a history of good scripts
  11. iLinksy

    Experiment Script

    Hey, I am new to the TRiBot community and have just finished my course at College doing Software Development. To continue on and keep my mind fresh I am going to create an Experiment training script. This is just for my practice, but if it turns out decent I may as well release it for your enjoyment too The script is going to take me a while and all updates will be posted here, the script is going to include: - Banking - Bones to Peaches Support - Eating - Potion Support (Prayer, Range, Attack, Strength, Defence) - Bone Burying Support - Picks Up Ammo if Ranging - Special Weapon Support (Special Attacks) - Anti-Ban Measures to be Implemented Later On If you guys have any other features you'd like to add in, that I could attempt please feel free to post below or message me, like I said before this is all for practice, it may take some time and as it's my first script I shall not be posting an ETA until it is near completion.