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  1. My bot is working perfectly fine, not sure if that's just me but the last update Usa released is working fine. Might just be some scripts need updating
  2. Their hype over how they're stamping out botting and how they seem to keep banning more and more accounts and this Mod Weath seems to have the general public believing that he is making a huge impact on our community. There is still lots to do but with the breaking practices I follow and the general usage on my account can keep your idea of them monitoring accounts going offline after the update at bay as I'll bot strong for a few days, then take a few days off, then go hard again and so forth, but yeah lots of obstacles to overcome but the general public think we're dead it appears and this means less reports directly from players and JaGeX will be more dependant on their anti bot systems which don't seem to work all that well.
  3. I've been speaking to a few people over the last few days and with the things the JaGeX Mods have been saying the general public seem to think we have died out... This work to our advantage I guess as they think the sophisticated bots are actually people, so that's one enemy dying out, now just to beat JaGeX. What do you guys think?
  4. Client has been updated, start it now and it will update
  5. Thanks guys, glad to hear it
  6. Jesus Christ that's lucky not to get a perm ban o.o
  7. How would I turn this into an area that allows me to perform an action? Been at this for hours and I think I need an outsiders look :/ else if (id == 36776 && !(player.getX() == 3206) && !(player.getY() == 3228))
  8. I need it in Java terms, going for a complex script with my own client and doesn't have predefined libraries like TRiBot
  9. Instead of listing out certain tiles to which the if statement can keep to, how would I go about setting an entire area or would I have to list out every tile I want included?
  10. I'd been advised by a Moderator to just make a new account, I was hoping not to have to change the account altogether, but the name change comes with a scripting identity I use, I use this display name for general gaming forums, but as I am going for scripter I am changing to that indentity
  11. Yeah... $150 to change my name, which costs the forum no money and causes no issues within the forum... Ridiculous.
  12. How do I go about changing my display name? I've PM'd mods and admin and no response...
  13. Yeah, you know what I meant That's pretty simple then
  14. So it's simply a matter of putting a timer allowing it to do it's thing
  15. Would it require a waiting timer for the ectophial to fill before leaving the area or does it fill itself while you're away from the teleport area?
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