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  1. The whole game is down, this is not TRiBot. https://twitter.com/OldSchoolRS
  2. Pushed V1.75, including: - NEW: Added Free-Farming mode, which allows certain monsters to be farmed off-task Monsters added to Free-Farm mode this patch: - Blue Dragons - Brine Rats - Basilisks - Bronze Dragons - Dagannoth - Dust Devils - Elves - Hill Giants - Gargoyles - Ice Giants - Ice Trolls - Jungle Horrors - Turoth - Kurask - TzHaar - Wyrms - Skeletal Wyverns - Vampyres Major changes: - Greatly improved the speed of combat when rotating the camera, particularly on low FPS environments - Should now be able to escape undead trees on Vampyre tasks - Fixed a DaxWalker related bug that rarely caused the script to stop - Now uses Standard Deviation waits rather than bounded waits for reaction times - Improved recognition of when in combat, allowing for better sleep-time generation - Fixed a bug causing the script to High Alch certain Alchable Special Attack Weapons Minor changes: - Fixed a number of Turael tasks - Spiders tasks now hop worlds less frequently - Modified world-hopping for the Rats task - Modified the size of the area of Skeleton tasks - Fixed a bug causing Goblins tasks to be skipped - Should now no longer take an extra step down the stairs after teleporting to Burthorpe - Improved interaction with Slayer Masters - should not have to interact twice so often Edit: Having run this patch now for quite a few hours now with absolutely no issues, I am now taking Nieve out of official Beta. The script should now be at full stability Usage guide in the OP has also been updated to include more advice on optimal usage and information on the new features!
  3. Whoops! Yeah, I didn't add a check for whether the item is your spec weapon (it just checks the ID vs Alchable item IDs) - I'll get a fix out tonight Also, my new thread is here for future bug reports
  4. Yeah, you can run this from level 3. Just talk to Turael, then go to the Lumbridge Swamp caves with a rope, buy a candle and light it and you're good to go as long as the account has sufficient money to buy the stuff as it needs it Select Turael in the GUI - it levels up new accounts really fast
  5. Thanks, will get this fixed Edit: Pushed V1.74, including: Major changes: - Fixed a bug causing the script to fail after skipping a task - No longer always tries to find a Safe Spot for teleporting - only does this for interruptable teleports Minor changes: - Now rounds Grand Exchange purchase prices more appropriately
  6. Pushed V1.73, including: Major fixes: - Fixed returning home after a task has ended - Fixed returning home after Steel Dragon and Iron Dragon tasks Minor changes: - Modified wait time after clicking to Repair our Cannon - should be less spammy - Will now only show Magic XP if it fits on the paint - Hitpoints on paint now has a higher priority than Magic XP - Randomised Grand Exchange target pathing more to prevent profiling - No longer drops required items for travel when it needs to loot - Now loots noted Iron Bars on Iron Dragon tasks (for those with the diary req) - Now loot noted Steel Bars on Steel Dragon tasks (for those with the diary req)
  7. That's not very useful to me for fixing a bug - I need the debug from the script to identify it.
  8. I'm working on it. Just running a test on the fix, will update in about 15 minutes.
  9. Apologies for how long this has taken, the changes in this patch are huge from a core code point of view. Pushed V1.72, including: - NEW: Now uses Slayer Rings to teleport back to Nieve if you have them selected - Will now walk back to Nieve if it completes a task in the Stronghold Slayer cave, rather than teleporting - NEW: Added High Level Alchemy option - will alch alchable items on tasks which drop a lot of alchables - NEW: Added a GUI teleport option to teleport straight to the Grand Exchange using Rings of Wealth - should save a lot of time in the long run Large changes: - Added a check that prevents the script from attacking monsters around walls when better alternatives are nearby - this fixes a lot of bugs and greatly improves the script's performance on tasks with a lot of walls, such as Killerwatts and Crawling Hands - Re-wrote all code for returning home from a task for increased reliability - Re-wrote world-hopping Safe Spot finding again for further reliability - Implemented fix for TzHaar tasks (when Nieve offers the chance to fight Jad instead) Small changes/bug fixes: - Fixed a serious bug causing the script to AFK after teleporting back from Nieve tasks - Improved the algorithm for number of Prayer Potions and amount of Food to take on tasks - Greatly improved my screen-leaving antiban's realism - Now prioritises using equipped items for teleportation over inventory items - Now rounds purchase costs from the GE to more normal numbers Task updates: - Black Demons tasks now use Prayer if this option is selected - should really improve the average XP/hour for Nieve - Updated Iron Dragons loot table - Updated Greater Demons loot table - should greatly increase the profitability of this task - Fixed a bug with traversing to Black Demons tasks - Nechryael tasks no longer use Prayer for the non-superior versions (they don't do enough damage to merit it) - Modified parameters for Black Dragon tasks for better efficiency - Modified items used to get to Wyrms tasks
  10. It definitely does only take the cannon on relevant tasks - what task did it take a cannon on that it shouldn't have? I've run the script for hundreds of hours and it's never taken a cannon to the wrong task o.O Some tasks it is good to cannon on, even if they aren't multi, such as Harpie Bug Swarms or Trolls. And the new features are Ring of Wealth teleporting to the GE, High Alching on certain tasks and Slayer Rings teleportation to Nieve - plus about 40 bug fixes - I'm still testing atm though, since I changed a lot of how the script fundamentally works.
  11. Pushed Version 1.25! - The script will now move its mouse off-screen for considerably more time and simulate a real player more accurately through its interactions - Improved banking speed and reliability - The script will now interact with a new spot faster immediately after banking and on start
  12. New patch is taking a long time to test but should be out today - includes a huge number of small, but impactful, changes, bug fixes and 2 new features!
  13. - I'll consider adding alching - I'll make it just not drop the brass key - House teleport is a maybe, but not a priority atm, yeah - I'll take a look at adding this, Dragon tasks are pretty slow atm
  14. I'll take a look and get a fix out today For the Slayer Ring thing - it can't use a Slayer Ring to get out of a combat environment - they aren't a 1-clickable teleport option. I'm working on a solution.
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