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  1. If you want features to be added or functionality to be changed, there are nice ways to ask These aren't bugs, it's how I chose to code it. I assume you'd like wine to be supported and for it to take out more than 1 dodgy necklace per trip?
  2. Thanks for the bug reports, will get this fixed today. Edit: Pushed V2.495, a very minor hotfix patch: - The script will now correctly filter out monsters it cannot actually attack - Fixed a bug for Dramen Staff/Fairy Ring users - Improved Grand Exchange item collection
  3. Pushed V2.49: - New: Custom value looting mode will now also loot Clue Scrolls (Medium and above) - Improved Grand Exchange item collection and fixed a bug causing the script to rarely not collect items - Fixed a bug causing custom value looting mode to ignore Ironman mode looting tiles - Added a failsafe allowing the script to exit death's realm if it accidentally clicks on the entrance at the ferox enclave - The script will now return home and fully stop if it detects too many of the same message being sent, rather than just resetting - this is to improve account safety - The script will now correctly stop when it runs out of money
  4. Closing bank with escape is entirely user preference I think a lot of high level players use it to increase their efficiency, but then I know a lot of users who just click the cross - there's no difference really High alching increases trip duration and produces a little bit of extra profit, so it's worth using
  5. I'll fix it for custom looting, don't worry - just needed to know if that was the issue
  6. Let me know if it works with normal looting - if it does, that would explain a lot
  7. Thanks for posting the debug, it helps. Can I have a little more information about the actual bug? What looting method are you using? (custom/recommended?) What actually does it look like? Does a red square appear on the floor where the loot is? Does it appear then disappear? I really don't know what you mean by this, can you reword it please? Please read what it says in the debug at least, it tells you what it's looking for and why it stopped - without the debug I can't help you really Can you tell me some more information? Did your character actually die? I know that very very rarely, the script can click on death's den at the Ferox Enclave (where are you banking?) and that causes issues as you aren't actually dead. Is that what happened to your character? What exactly did it say in the debug/status message? What did the script do - was it hovering over the portal or just sitting there?
  8. Pushed patch V2.48: - NEW: Now supports Guardian Drakes (Superior Slayer version of Drakes) - NEW: Now supports Shadow Wyrms (Superior Slayer version of Wyrms) - NEW: The script now fully supports recoloured Slayer Helmets eg. Black Slayer Helmet and Black Slayer Helmet (i) - Now correctly loots Elite Clue Scrolls - Improvements to combat efficiency and target selection - No longer uses a Ring of Wealth charge to teleporting to the GE from Varrock West Bank (user-requested) - Fixed a bug causing the script to fail when reaching the bank and being poisoned - The timeout failsafe will now correctly kick-in if the repeated-message failsafe is activated and the script returns home more than once - Added a fix for safespot finding for Wolf tasks - No longer takes as much food to Blue Dragons tasks (as only Baby Dragons are killed)
  9. Any activity at all (LMS, questing, whatever) that breaks up your botting time helps, especially if it's manual play The important thing is to keep botting time at a reasonable level and not get greedy
  10. Pushed Patch V1.10: - Now supports argument loading - type in "lastRun" to load the previously loaded GUI save and skip the GUI - great for those of you who wish to goldfarm - Improved Dodgy Amulet re-equipping - now uses a multi-method system to prevent profiling - Improved base-level antiban - GUI now has my new forum name and the correct script name as a header
  11. Okay, I'll up the weighting on the minimum distance for when it should use a Ring of Wealth to teleport somewhere, so it shouldn't use it from Varrock West bank.
  12. So it's not using a Ring of Wealth to go to the GE to shop, it's using a Ring of Wealth to go to Aberrant Spectre tasks and instead using a Spirit Tree? I'm not sure I see that as an issue, it sounds like it's working as intended and choosing to use the fastest teleport method to get to a task?
  13. Pushed Patch V2.47, a series of bug fixes: - Fixed a bug with cannoning on Skeleton tasks - Fixed a bug with checking Membership - Fixed an issue causing the script to not check for a teleport item to get to the desired task before attempting to travel - Fixed a bug with trying to enter Brimhaven Dungeon (without having paid) on some accounts
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