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  1. I'm just here for a semester abroad from my uni, but spent the last 2 months interning here. Tokyo was awesome :)!
  2. Hi! So I've just moved to Japan for a while and wanted to pick up some botting again, but I only feel safe using LG. So, as I've done in the past I went to buy credits using my PayPal, but this was denied as it suspects the payment is fraudulent. I've tried re-verifying my PayPal email address, but I don't receive an e-mail. I suspect it's because I was traditionally buying from another country than my current one. Anyone know a work around or a fix? @TRiLeZ Maybe? Thanks a lot to whoever reads this! P.S, I only have debit cards, The PayPal pulls money direct from my banks, The PayPal is currently loaded with a bit of money. Edit: I've purchased credits through another user, but I would still like to resolve the underlying problem
  3. I'll set up OBS in next couple days, also it's typical... I watch it for a couple hours just to be sure, and it goes 28 kills in a row without deaths/problems...
  4. In the last hour 30 its only happened once (that i've observed), can you reccomend any lightweight video capture software? I'll likely have to record 2+ hours of footage and hope to capture one instance of it happening. It's a pretty rare event, i've only seen it twice in the last 10 hours I've ran the script, but when it does happen it's really awkward...
  5. Hey, just a heads up Worthy. I don't have a proper error report, but theres a slight bug where the script think zulrah has entered "Pattern: blue, phase: red" where it think the snake is melee, but in reality its a mage phase and it stands there without prayer on tanking hits. This might indicate its having trouble very occasiaonally picking up on a pattern? Also, how do i get my sig ofthe script, I wanna show off the bank it's made me. Also also... Snake pet on kill 300, yay for purely botted zulrah done with a sick script
  6. Whats stats are you? hp range mage ? Are you using a switch with less than 4 items? are you using 6+ karambwans?
  7. Hello, its me <3

    1. manacrazed


      Gonna miss you buddy, let me know if you wanna chat, you know ehere to find me :)

  8. Looking to buy bulk unids off a chaos druid farmer, expecting prices such as 1k ea for landtadymes for example. If there is any interest at all, private message me on here. Thanks for your time.