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  1. Selling scripts outside of the repository is against the rules
  2. O, remembered seeing you posting early on the thread or something
  3. Soz guys, the script is pretty much completed but I'm leaving for college soon after xmas and won't have time to keep adding small requests / doing bug fixes etc. Depending on how I feel I might just leave the source here then incase someone wants to work on it. In the meantime if you want a barrows script, go for Wussup/Integer's at https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/21153-15monthwbarrows-by-wussupwussup-and-integer-available-now-24hr-proggy-over-1-billion-earned/
  4. You can choose killcount. Btw, at 6 kc you get deaths / chaos / mind, then at 8 kc blood is added to that, and at 11 bolt racks are added. There isn't a guarantee you'll get bloods or deaths at any kill count but those are the numbers when they become available
  5. I didn't tick "Development version", Time elapsed before the freeze: Started script, froze seconds into it Script Running: -- Lite Mode: (yes/no) yes Java Version: u45 Operating System: win7 64bit What Froze: (client, TRiBot window, or both) Client Debug: Above pic TRiBot Loader Console Debug: Above pic
  6. Lol i've been bitching about dry trips, didnt notice it had banked another dh plate at some point
  7. Small proggy, didn't get a single armor drop in these 5 chests lmao (note: acc isn't good enough to do multiple chests per trip, it can still get 3 chests an hour as you can see so it's still good for low level accs with bad armor) Had to stop it because I was out of ppots
  8. Implemented, not just imported You'll need e.g MyScript extends Script implements MessageListening07.
  9. Updated to put each session in its own folder
  10. I'll try to write the general framework for those before borrowing an acc, but yeah eventually I'll probably need one
  11. Yeah it did, but it'd just be cleaner to not wrap every walking call into some distance checking while loop
  12. I need to do the quest but it'll be there when its released
  13. Wtf this has to be my lucky day, I did one chest after the above picture and got bad loot, then on the next trip I ran out of food so I went back in manually to loot the chest,
  14. Description of the bug: If a random event occurs (one that takes you away, atleast), web walking won't continue to the destination afterwards How often the bug occurs: Not getting a lot of randoms, saw it happen for pinball. Triggers of the bug (if known): ^ Java version: 1.7 u 45 TRiBot client version: 8.04.4 Operating System: win7 64bit