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  1. possible to update "smithing interface " bug with tutorial?
  2. just curious , did you find sweet spot for min. timeout? thank you for fast update
  3. bought few max accounts there, no problem whatsoever, one account i have from pa is 1 year old , look for feedback etc..
  4. you can use cmd command to exit client after certain time
  5. playerauctions, look for feedback, reviews etc. , shouldn't be problem with low levels imo
  6. Nothing is safe, used PA more than anyone else there , never had any single problem, buyed golds, accounts, few mains and even services like fire cape etc...check transactions history, feedback etc. just like with everything you buy from "someone".
  7. Guys , does anybody knows , if some of IPs or Proxies are once flagged is there chance they will be un-flagged after "some time" ?
  8. I have bought a shitload accounts , gold , and even services .... haven't had any problems yet! Just don't be stupid and watch for feedback, what else player sells, how long did he sells, etc ....ofc. i wouldn't buy from fresh PA accounts!
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