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  1. I was planning on buying this script today and I was wondering if you are considering implementing a re-gear option or a glory recharge option? Those are the 2 features that I feel it is missing out on a bit. I will buy it today no matter what answer you give me I just asked out of curiosity
  2. Ok I will keep a close eye on this thread and look for any updates
  3. Is this script worth it? Does it work well or does it just fuck up and die all the time?
  4. Can you use this with breaks or will it try to log out in the middle of combat and die?
  5. When are you going to add holy wrench support? Don't wanna waste my p pots
  6. Fisk4rn

    buying bulks

    I got 70k soft clay, pm me
  7. It seems to stop after every break could you please fix this? I do not have the required skill too change it...
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