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  1. Still not working, getting stuck unnoting bones @xCode
  2. SparkySin

    vorkath script

    This is the requirements http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Dragon_Slayer_II 33 monthly users that are willing to risk an account like that with this specific script sounds very unrealistic! Not to mention replacement accounts after bans.
  3. SparkySin

    TRiBot Release 10.2_0 / 10.3_0

    Revert to (10.2_0) please, latest update broke alot of things.
  4. SparkySin

    Progressive Leather/Glass Crafter [Updated 10.8.2018]

    Might want to bank the finished glass products before trying to withdraw molten glass
  5. SparkySin

    Pie's ArdyCloak [GE support] [Quick]

    Nice release!
  6. @xCode Doesn't type friends/host name to enter the house.
  7. SparkySin

    AlphaCrafter Pro

    @AlphaDog It's currently getting stuck at this screen: https://gyazo.com/6dd0fd0ad16c53eb607f22e181ab6532
  8. SparkySin

    Netami Warrior Guild - Gathers All Defenders!

    Script is flawless, and this will speed things up. Nice addition!
  9. https://gyazo.com/f997e4ff6685175febbb6663b5b62afd
  10. SparkySin

    Grand Exchange [COMPATIBLE - ABC2/ABCL10]

    I think users should be able to chose which price they want to sell their items for. By now people have itemsellers that sells at set price or they sell on their own at a low price. No goldfarmer will sell at a high price and wait hours for items to sell.
  11. SparkySin

    JWildyPrayer [250k + Xp/Hr][Cheap Prayer Xp][Pk Detection]

    The script has some issues - Gets hit by "Crazy archaeologist" sometimes cause of pathing - Does not support quickhop option to prevent pkers -If it wears the glory ,It could bring upto 27 Bones instead of 25 Other then that it is working fine.
  12. Thanks for the swift update!