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  1. Hey good Morning Everyone,,, Doing alot of drop partys today! don't miss out get yourr prize via twitch --- Streaming now. location:W301 Burthorpe Games Room game: Connect 4 Twitch: Pinktw1nz GOOD LUCK to who ever turns up tonight ;P
  2. Thanks to all whom particpated tonight. More drops and twitch giveaways tomorrow night. i'm going to sleep thanks for coming guys. wii cx4 cc all day!l. @ jef to answer your question about rule 1 Moral of the story is don't put a 2 stack in slot 4.
  3. This is Conex4 We r WII CX4 We're Located W301 Burthorpe Game's Room. Simply Click on to your OSRS Go to the bottum left of you're Inventory Click the 2xSmileyface Tab >Click Join clan chat > Type wii cx4 and then you can begin to chat with our host's This Clan is A connect 4 clan chat where people place bet's in order to win huge amounts of Gp / mills gained. @ CC: Wii Cx4 We're a 10% Commision based clan. And have a iron fist Rep for being safe n Secure. Our number 1 priority is that you! the better has as much safe fun as one can have. And with the service we provide (Middlemanning) you are sure to Make tons of cash + Be entered into some huge competitions. to win some HUGE!!! Prizes. We do hire advertiser's so if you're looking for a way to make money We Sugguest you come to world 1 Burthorpe Games Room (07scape) cc (Wii Cx4) Number.1 Middleingmanning Games Room cc. CURRENT GAME'S WE ARE HOSTING. FOR YOU GUYS: Connect4 (RuleLink) , RuneSQ's on Request. If you'd like to see how we host RuneLink. Please headover to youtube and search: Wii Cx4. to see the quick Tutorial on How to play Our Second game (RuneSQ's) More game's Coming Soon!** **For connect 4 player's the game is self explainitary however if you'd like a quick discription check below.** If you have lost and your wondering why. And the host has already paid out that bet. Please refer to this. """To Make Sure You Didn't Lose AutoMatically::::RULE.1 (-1-) NO SPLITTING MAP.YOU CAN'T PLACE A 3 STACK VIRTICLE IN SLOT 4 EVER. which means you cannot place 3 of your piece in slot 4. ->or youll lose<-. Because this leaves 3slots either side. IF YOU PLACE 2 COUNTERS IN SLOT 4 (MIDDLE ROW) AND PLACE ANOTHER COUNTER ON TOP OF THAT. """"" If Unsure ask host. Hi We are Conex4 Now Wii Cx4 Originally the oldest Connect4 Clan in Old-School rs. I'll be taking you guys with me Through my Twitch so Stay Tuned and win some Twitch Prizes.. on my quest to raise enough ofcourse',, money, go go about getting them Construction EXP - Showing also how I do and play my account each Day*/And* Display me hosting Live! www.Twitch.Tv/Pinktw1nz Show you guys how I make money + Money Making guides of 600k/HOUR stay FOLLOWER Notifications --***. and what How I make money When i'm not hosting., in the ambition and commitment to "The Race" in being rank #.1 ladys and Gentlemen, LAGO! So you're probaly wondering what this is right. the easiest way to explain it would have to be playing a computer game with a 50/50 chance of winning x2 you're bet -10% the person on the other side of the computer (the Host) Hold's the Money* and Puts opponents in a duel. . And hosts the bet via a spectator position. he will host the game and declare the winner. (the person that connects 4 first) give the rules out. tell you who won. and say a message something like this: red:shake:Chronic Vs Serp 7699 200M pot. good luck go. HOW TO PLAY;; Whilst you guy's play the host stands on side watching your connect 4 game. the object of the game is to get 4 in a row Either diagnally virtically or horizontally . you also have the option to change counter's. if 4 counters are down and your opponent dc's then you would get the bet** and the loser will be told by host not by better all sizes of bets are taken here. And we are at the Burthorpe Games Room. if you dont know how to get there. use a "Games necklace" and teleport to the games room. Once you're there Run over to the south west part of the games room (Near the tables) To start betting ull see us there If their's any confusion on the rule's Please make sure to ask a host before starting so make sure when the streem's are up to Help us get the betting going after each drop. by showing up every day. we're also hiring advertiser's so if you'd like to advertise will pay you 150k/h. If you need a way of making money. I streem my technique I use to kill green dragons 600k/hour see my guide on twitch-- so come on down We're inviting all Veteran's and noobster's of betting + wagering to come down. To the burthorpe Game's Room to take part in winning some serious Amounts of gp. + Cash Prize's, And our reasurancy to you in our biggest task. we take screenshots of all parts of the duel,, and do this to all bet sizes. And host's must pay money. to get into clan. But we are going to bring you guy's something uneek and positive this is Wii Cx4 nd we're here to give you guy's a safe Trusted Way of betting Look at Rule (-1-) to make sure you don't loose automatically.. Trust bronze+ //// When are we oepn?? As of 26th/8/14 ->23:00-EST<- And will be doing a drop party. Every! Hour As of 26th August. Over 50m of prizes to be won. Come to CC wii cx4. To the guy's that have been with us from the begining. thanks for helping wii cx4 (conex4) to climb to the heighs we did. What you guy's did was truly amazing and your hard work did not go un-noticed. this is a personal message to all whom have. Stuck with us in the past 4 month's you're persistancy has been Over Whelming. Infact this is our second revamp, which I feel is quicker and safer. Bigfooty251 YouTube: Conex Wii SUBCRIBE to Bigfooty251 + FOLLOW TODAY NOT TOMORROW CONEX4 NOW WII CX4 ****RULES**** RULE.1 (-1-) NO SPLITTING MAP.YOU CAN'T PLACE A 3 STACK VIRTICLE IN SLOT 4 EVER. which means you cannot place 3 of your piece in slot 4. or you'll auto lose. Because this leaves 3 slots either side. IF YOU PLACE 2 COUNTERS IN SLOT 4 (MIDDLE ROW) AND PLACE ANOTHER COUNTER ON TOP OF THAT. ( RULE -1- EXAMPLE.Player a.1 cannot go in slot 4 (Middle row) to block the law rune. because Player-A Cannot Place a 3 stack in slot 4. ) RULE.2 (-2-) Neither player can go in slot 4 on their first move. Failure to comply with this will result in a re-match and possibly a dismissal! Key: Slot 4 means the middle row their are 7 row's on the CX4 board. RULE.3 (-3) There is Absolutely NO rematches, after 4 pieces (2 from each player) have been played, no matter the circumstance. So if you play 4 counter's in and you're pc decides to die. you will loose automatically so no dc/lag/disconnect .!!!! ***WAGERS*** Changed* If you are betting --- You can place UP TO; N/A - ON A LOW WAGER - N/A POT N/A - ON A BRONZE STAR - N/A POT 400M - ON A SILVER STAR - 800M POT 1500M - ON A GOLD STAR - 3000M POT Stay Tuned in for more Dropparty's, Giveaway's. and lots of fun and games @ The Games Room world301 Burthorpe CC:Wii Cx4 Also check out the YouTube (Hit the Taylor Gang Tile) and Subscribe Keep It "Conex4" All day!!! All Bet's are 10% Commissioned no matter the circumstances CURRENT CC: WII CX4