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  1. If you buy VIP extended are you sure to get human mouse recordings or is it still limited to a certain amount of VIP extended users?
  2. I only use rock crabs combat bot. But I get banned within the week. I remember last year i could 24/7 that script 3 weeks long for 99 str lol
  3. everyone has this reason
  4. I was wondering if the banrates have lowered since the latest updates. So i can start botting with my half ban meter account again.
  5. you edit maybe idk? anyway How could you say no, if what ratz said is true. How is tribot safe?
  6. But if thats the case then isnt it basicly gg tribot in general?
  7. Yeah so basicly dont bot on monday tuesdays and wednesday thursdays except for the evening right?
  8. hmm then I guess I will get banned tomorrow afternoon. Lets stake my bank tonight.
  9. thats cheap I am interested too if people sell for this price
  10. After I have been banned twice on wednesdays. I discovered a pattern. It seems like you get banned during the week from 9am till 4 pm. So you can time it that way to avoid bans. Also I have never been banned in the weekends. Does anyone else agree with this theory?
  11. If you can get this done by monday I will definitely buy it. Heck I would even pay $20/month if I'd had too
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