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  1. you don't lose charges on death
  2. ah my bad
  3. what lvls do you need? i might be able to do
  4. 70-70-70 accounts go for around 30-50m with mtd quests done and selling maxed mains would be between 200-300m from a normal user with some feedback.it would take like 30-45 days to finish a maxed mains if you use a auto talker(you can afk for 6 hours straight and ban rates are not high on this)
  5. do you know what i'm doing wrong,getting this error every time even without proxy. https://gyazo.com/2652c3ae63bb53a80b2e7eb8e919b559
  6. i'm intrested if you still need someone.my skype is live:glenn.2dehands
  7. what processor do you have on that rig?
  8. it seems like that also,is it possible to add mule support for this script?
  9. @Encoded could you add a failsafe when doing lobsters on karamja?currently when you deposit lobsterpot or cash it will get stuck. status says scripts.fisher.b.b.w@
  10. possible to add pineapple cutting? takes 6 pineapples and 1 knife out of bank
  11. seems like both having issues.it is not only this script(look at the post on usa lava dragon killer)
  12. yes,sometimes it is spamclicking a world that he already is in.using ingame hopper
  13. like i said on my thread,sometimes it will activate a few times but won't do it after a long period of time running a script or rarely it will not even acivate breaks.