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  1. exactly I would if i had free time. However i am extremely busy and the script is for my friend :))
  2. Request: NMZ scriptDescription: In need of a simple nmz script that would only operate inside the NMZ. The script only needs to drink absorbation and overload potions. The most important thing is anti ban. I am looking for the safest script possible. The whole cicle should look like this: I manually get potions, buy dream from NPC and enter the NMZ minigame I click start Bot drinks absorbation/overload potions account dies I manually resupply account, enter the dream and start the script all over again.Payment Amount: Pretty much unlimited, as long as it's reasonable.Time: ASAPAdditional: No
  3. Just bought 25m osrs gp, fast & friendly!

  4. I think all bans has something to do with undergoing technical issues http://services.runescape.com/m=news/a=58/technical-problems?oldschool=1
  5. ibotfarmi


    I keep getting this on my vps: https://gyazo.com/ae071f1b6ee6cce06214b3d60490618b
  6. Thats good to hear, may i ask how long per day do your run main bots?
  7. I agree 100% with Twitch.I managed to get ~12 bots to 91+ rc and 1 bot reached ~ 25m xp.This script is perfect!!!Not to mention Eric is probably the best scripter out here!Love you man!
  8. are there any people running 24/7 without problems?I know that ban rates are very very slim but still would like to get more feedback abou running the script 24/7.
  9. ibotfarmi

    Tau Bug Report Thread

    Name of Script:Tau GE Script Version:Version 1.3.14_2 TRiBot Version:9.229_1 Java Version:8.45 Operating System:Win7 Using Looking Glass (y/n): NO Using VPS (y/n):NO Using Tabs (y/n):NO Bot Debug (Pastebin ONLY): http://pastebin.com/zkZWHRi3 Client Debug (Pastebin ONLY):http://pastebin.com/a3jfXKET Stack Traces (Do at least 4 times, Pastebin ONLY): http://pastebin.com/Av5ciVdX GUI Setup Screenshots (Only if relevant, Imgur ONLY):http://i.imgur.com/chPJt1Q.png Other Screenshots (Only if relevant, Imgur ONLY): Detailed Description of Bug:Even if bot has spare gp in inventory, it doesnt buy whip/fury for some reason.
  10. I am reporting this bug for 4th time already I dont know why, but it happens only on few accounts in alch room The bot keeps running around, opening cabins and does nothing bot debug: http://pastebin.com/SDNdmZkW Client debug: http://pastebin.com/5tEcaCa4 I tried deleting jagex cashe/.tribot folder.Nothing helps.One more time, it happens only on a few accounts.Like 2 of 10. PLEASE do something, wtf is this?? @Starfox
  11. ibotfarmi


    If you botted 1-30 RC by doing fires, thats not asurprise that you got banned.From my personal experience and from what i have heard, botting fire runes is suicide.
  12. ibotfarmi

    Power Bot or TRIBOt

    TRiBot for sure.I had some succes botting for myself/farming with it.cant tell much about powerbot though.Many people consider TriBot #1 bot in the industry.I agree with them 100%