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  1. not true. User scammed me for 3m 07 on my account she was doing a 'sevice' on , we spoke on a differnt skype. If i mod would like to see i can show
  2. unless payed via bitcoin ofcourse ;P
  3. no clue
  4. cause niggas jealous
  5. Tribot really needs a premium chaos druids script. Someone skilled make one please @erickho123
  6. Its because jmod's come through nightmarezone occasionally and ban bots, Everytime i tryed hosting all 3-5 of my hosting accounts got banned at the same time (from different computers and proxys etc)
  7. Looking forward to this
  8. I don't think you need to add anymore features to the script. I think if anything you need to update your previous features that do not work very well. I think everyone here would rather have 5 features that work 100% flawless then 100 features that don't work very well at all. Only thing i could make this script do was suicide men and do masters.
  9. would buy unlimited if falconry OR bot world hopping worked:(
  10. My skype: gp4btc
  11. afk cast chickens with full iron on