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  1. @Worthy Would it be possible to add recharging of ring of suffering(i) with ring of recoils? And if it doesn't have it in the bank, it buys them (like 100-200) and then puts all of them on the ring?
  2. I've tried dragging, I've tried closing, minimizing, everything....
  3. I must have missed that. Thank you for adding these extra failsafes. What will the bot do if it's not in combat for a while?
  4. Gets honest honest feedback on 2 issues and doesn’t care. the “not attacking and standing still for hours situation” is a real issue that should be decently easy to fix by adding a check and click to tile method. script also does not respect the amount of games finished. script writer only responds with: don’t use that kind of monster, it’s bad xp. That’s a retarded answer and does not in any way provide a solution and is also basicly an acknowledgment that the issue is there and will continue to happen to people. just sounds lazy to me. you can decide for yourself but it’s pretty straightforward. he could have just added the feature to make his script more foolproof AND futureproof (what if extra monsters get added and are great xp but give the stand still and get noticed as a bot situation?)
  5. I don’t have black demon on one of them and it still happens (more rarely). would it really be such a huge hassle to add a check in the script and click some +-5 squares away? The script is also broken with the amount of games before quitting. please adress both points
  6. @erickho123 please check this script... it runs flawless but 2 things that I’ve noticed are really wrong and should be easy fixes: 1. While maging it sometimes gets “stuck” not attacking or being attacked for up to +1 hour (=ban)(for me this ONLY happens with mage). (i have send you a pm with pictures about this, that account you see in the picture received a 2 day ban a day after, not using any other scripts and my 4 other scripts using NMZ are going strong so it must have been because of being idle, just standing there). Proposed fix: while in NMZ instance and a check to see if we’re being attacked or not. If we’re not being attacked, move 2-3 squares away and check again if we’re under attack or not. 2. Script’s number of games before logging out is broken. Seen it happen twice... i put in 2 games and i come back 9 hours later they’re still going at it (way more than 2 games). I hope you can take a serious look at this as soon as possible
  7. I also always run it in center. That account has in the mean time received a 2 day ban. All my other accounts are going great(they are doing range and melee, this was the only one doing mage and having the bug). I can only conclude that the hours of standing there, not earning xp, gave it away as a bot... It really shouldn't be that huge of an issue to implement a fix for it right? @erickho123
  8. Could you add some sort of check that happens periodicly, which checks if xp has been earned lately or not? If not move or log out. SITUATION: I've been in the nightmare zone and suddenly see that my character is not getting any experience at all, seems like the npc's are "stuck" in a position where they can't or don't attack you. Would it be possible to add it so IF it detects you are in the nightmare zone instance AND you don't get any xp for a while or you're not in combat, it moves a few spaces away and checks if it's in combat again or not? I've seen my xp drop from 70k to 55k after a bit and noticed it wasn't in combat, who knows how long it's just been standing there, VERY botlike. Pm'd you with additional info and also xp dropped from 75k/hour to 10k/hour, happy that I caught it after only an hour.... Double edit: Account that was doing mage and that got stuck for hours on end just standing there received a 2 day ban... All my other accounts doing range/melee (never ran any other scripts) are doing fine. I can only logically conclude that standing still for hours not doing anything in NMZ has triggered the bot detection. PLEASE IMPLEMENT A FIX FOR THIS, I BEG YOU!
  9. Huh? Got any news on it that I can ready? Haven't seen anything about it?
  10. Seriously though, am I missing something but how does the magic thing work? I'm using fire bolt right now and it does not select autocast. I set it up manually but if it for some reason disconnects or does not have autocast, it start hitting them with the staff (getting strength xp). Could you please check what's going wrong and what exactly I have to do? I start with a rock cake, chaos runes and air runes in my inventory + 6-7 overloads/rest absorbs. Also bug? When you press pause, unequip the staff, equip it again and press continue it will say detected out of runes and say we have received max NMZ points. Can you please tell me in detail how magic should work? Should I be already clicking autocast and the correct spell when starting the script? Shouldn' it just automaticly select the highest possible one that you have the runes for? (for example, fire staff + air runes and chaos runes, it should select the fire bolt).
  11. Just wait a year till it expires on the main and then you're gucci!
  12. Hey Worthy, could you pm me where one would buy Zulrah accounts? I'm very interested!
  13. @Worthy script seems very botlike when you die in the beginning with a very full inventory and come back. Instead of just equipping the range outfit to make room for more inventory space it just keeps collecting 1 item at a time and equipping it. Fix could be: *1 or 2 inventory spots left when going to recollect items* Equip range outfit first to create more room to collect things. Equip the mage outfit and do whatever to get ready for zulrah after everything is collected.
  14. Absolutely right ofcourse but I checked the bot while it was running and it was killing it like normal... I thought that meant it was running well. Ah well, thankfully it's not void and it's just about 30 mill I lost
  15. Well GG I just lost most of my gear.... Probably due to update but script went into zulrah died, came back and without recollecting, went back in and died again. Resulting in losing the stored stuff. Very nice
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