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  1. Mind pm'ing me his info or something? I always feel like i'll get massivly scammed some way or another.
  2. What stats and gear are you using? I'm scratching 11-12/hour with 85 range/85 magic. Gear: Ahrim hood, ahrim robe top and bottom, wizard boots, combat bracelet, ring of recoil, trident of the swamp, unholy book, fury and diamond bolts (e). Range is karils top and bottom + rune crossbow. @Worthy Would it be possible to add a button for the possibility (or just build it in like aagility) to do a spamclick on zulrah. I notice that I miss 80% of the first clicks when zulrah resurfaces. Ping is very low and no lag. I checked and it seems to get fixed if double/tripple click (which also is pretty humanlike)
  3. @erickho123 Doing solo fire runs from castlewars - Dueling arena with small pouch it exhibits extreem bot like behaviour with the following: Arrive at altar and make fire runes, clicks too fast on the pouch while the animation hasn't finished so it has to do it twice (every time). Trying to use dueling ring to castle wars the same: It goes to fast and the animation hasn't completed resulting in it waiting 2 seconds and trying again and then teleporting. This happens every time every run, very botlike. This could be fixed by waiting for the animation to be completed or atleast waiting 1 second extra before clicking on pouch/dueling ring. Edit: I have found a temporary workaround by joining an american server so I have more delay in input/more lag.
  4. icezman

    How to put money on my account EU?

    Click on this link under the stripe card thingy to enable paypal. Unable to use any of these payment options?