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  1. Unfortunate. I bot 3-4 accounts every day roughly 3-5 hours each. I have no bans and several maxed stats on them from botting. I have no VPN. I just monitor my bots and change activities every 1.5-2 hrs (unless combat training in NMZ or crabs)... Also depends what other scripts you use. I only use scripts i determine to be strong. I use einstein fishing for sure and the woodcutting. However, the lack of minimap orb special has begun to concern me recently.
  2. Bump to phaze's comment above. I use a lot of your scripts, they work really well. I actually accidentally left minnows going 6 hours a few weeks ago, no ban, and no issues! Great work bud,
  3. Can you add 1-30 support for fresh accounts? Thanks
  4. Hey I have a suggestion, love the script. It has worked for me really really well in the past. Can you add basalt mining? Its very profitable and potentially a really easy script: Seems to just interact with the client to mine and note the mined ores. It seems straightforward but let me know what you think. Somewhat a lot of quests/skills leading to this, but very profitable. Here's the guide osrs wiki suggests for farming it: https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Money_making_guide/Mining_basalt
  5. troopafox22


    Feedback here: working really well for Phase 1, has problems shifting back into the building more though... heres a GIF link that shows what I mean: Once you hit the building icon, it auto switches to building mode, but cant seem to get there. https://i.gyazo.com/2f305adcf859d7426ec23ab01248bceb.mp4
  6. Hey just a question regarding the continuous ore depositing of the bot. Why does it seem to deposit after each round? Is this because there is some downtime before it can begin the pattern? It blasts four ores and then deposits... Any specific reason for this? Thanks
  7. Must just have something else that triggered it . I've used it on 5 accounts and done all the quests offered. Like just do 3-5 quests in a chunk. Too insane to just pop them all. Like moderation for sure worked for me. No proxies- 5 accounts and I've done em all. With significant skilling botting inbetween
  8. Hey Naton, I have several of your scripts and they work pretty flawlessly. Just a suggestion on this one (or if you do have it, can you let me know how to access the feature)-- can you add special attack support? Even if it's as simple as adding the weapon and % special required. I just have an equipped weapon and want it to use the special attack. Also would be sick to implement some type of antiban delay on it, so it seems more like its not right away Thanks.
  9. What is the proper "weaponname:x" for something like abyssal whip? I am writing weaponname:AbyssalWhip but it doesnt work. Is an underscore necessary?
  10. To make your life more challenging, have you thought of implementing a solo method? Involves making the rejuv potions and running around with stam pots to repair and get Wintertodt to <15%. Then you can just use one brazier to get up to 13k with fletching... but requires healing the pyromancer. Would be a super cool function for getting lots of loot. Probably not easy to write though
  11. Probably due to a RS update, but it is not currently working on multiple computers of mine. Just isnt finding the entities like root and the brazier i think.
  12. FYI, all is working well-- had to just get a previous run going. Seems quite flawless. Thanks man. Probably been stated, but any plans to add Dragon 2h to special weaps?
  13. After deleting hooks.dat and restarting twice I have the problem that it stands outside and keeps right clicking Dominic Onion and selecting dream. It just keeps doing this over and over. I am not super familiar with NMZ, but i see it isnt selecting practice, endurance, or rumble. Why is this happening? I 've tried in both LG and without LG. Thanks. PS. I enjoy many of your scripts, I know this one will also be quality.
  14. Hey is there any chance you can get dragon harpoon implemented so that it doesn't go looking for a harpoon when its equipped and usable? also implementation of special? This script is great everyone -- I've used it on 5+ accounts with no bans (implementing breaks and switching skills), have 5+ 70 fishing though... so congrats
  15. This doesn't have dragon harpoon special programmed into it right? and if not, do you plan on implementing this?
  16. Recent update makes it seem like it cannot get past banking. I am getting these messages, and it is finishing the banking -- despite me having everything in the inventory already: [20:29:00] Starting client. [20:29:24] Downloading script 'USA Lava Dragons'. [20:29:26] Script Started: USA Lava Dragons. [20:29:26] Successfully connected to statistics server! [20:30:26] When traveling to Lava Dragons we will use FREE_TO_PLAY worlds [20:30:26] When traveling to Level 30 Wilderness we will use FREE_TO_PLAY worlds [20:30:26] Mouse speed set to 105 [20:30:26] Random location set to: WEST_LAVA_DRAGON_ISLE [20:30:27] Required: 2 Air rune [20:30:27] Required: 1 Mind rune [20:30:32] Failed withdrawing "[Ljava.lang.String;@784a8bfa". [20:30:37] Failed withdrawing "[Ljava.lang.String;@784a8bfa". [20:30:41] Failed withdrawing "[Ljava.lang.String;@784a8bfa". [20:30:44] Failed to bank 3 times. Stopping script. [20:30:45] ------------------------------ [20:30:45] Total time: 00:00:16 [20:30:45] Our total profit was: 0 gp (0/hr) [20:30:45] We killed 0 Lava Dragons! (0/hr) [20:30:45] We gained 0 xp. [20:30:45] We gained 0 Draconic visages! [20:30:45] Thank you for using USA Lava Dragons v9.1 [20:30:45] ------------------------------ [20:30:45] Script Ended: USA Lava Dragons.
  17. ^^ bump above idea. It seems all ores above blurite are down shifted. I.e.: if you make iron, it selects blurite. If you try to make steel it selects silver... If you try to make gold, it selects steel. The addition of blurite messed with the script.
  18. Hey I am having problems with this script at the fruit vendors. So everything works fine until banking-- in which it spams between walking to bank and banking several times a second. It reaches the end of the path between bank chest and fruit stall and doesn't realize its at the chest. I have to manually click chest and it will continue on its way depositing, and walking back to chest. [21:15:45] [Walker Engine] Reached end of path [21:15:46] Response: SUCCESS [Web Path Took: 1ms. Actual Path Took: 0ms. Iteration: 0 Bank Search took 120ms.] [21:15:46] [Walker Engine] PATH_DEBUG[ END_OF_PATH ] [21:15:46] [Walker Engine] Reached end of path [21:15:46] Response: SUCCESS [Web Path Took: 1ms. Actual Path Took: 0ms. Iteration: 0 Bank Search took 111ms.] [21:15:46] [Walker Engine] PATH_DEBUG[ END_OF_PATH ] [21:15:46] [Walker Engine] Reached end of path [21:15:47] Response: SUCCESS [Web Path Took: 1ms. Actual Path Took: 0ms. Iteration: 0 Bank Search took 117ms.] [21:15:47] [Walker Engine] PATH_DEBUG[ END_OF_PATH ] [21:15:47] [Walker Engine] Reached end of path and then it continues on this path forever haha.
  19. It didnt used to save up to the 81 or whatever ores I havent let it keep going, but Im certain it normally drops em off in the bank.
  20. Currently, the script does everything great. Its a good script-- BUT I have problems with it not collecting ore from hopper. Waits there for 20+ seconds and then goes back to mining the ore . why does this happen?
  21. Something this bot does, which I don't like, is that it keeps the hammer from fixing the wheel, and then loots the ore bag -- meaning if you have more than 27 ores in bag, you lose out on one. Thanks
  22. Not currently working, number input on smithing is not working. Pls fix or refund-- makes the script unusable
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