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  1. I have a ready jad helper for runelite
  2. @Netamiare you thinking to add keg balance? Im really excited to see this feature added
  3. coolio, it works now. thanks. just saying if it uses escape interface thing wouldnt it be safer? when you click "esc"
  4. @Naton when going into a game and choosing AFK it does not close the interface and it keep hovering over npc from the interface. could you please add closing interface for afk? thanks.
  5. @YoHoJo he already offered the script link but its broken. could you upload the source again? im willing to refix it and use it. thanks
  6. @Druid sometimes gets stuck while doing air. Also, can you fix fire altar? im trying to do f2p and walking from altar to bank
  7. @Laniax It goes to air and stop outside. Please look into this. Thanks, Also, for fire rune
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