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  1. @Atomsk you can set it to teleport or bank before breaking, I never used a cannon with this script so I cannot help you there. @justanotherkid you only need vip to run more then 1 instance of anything. @Tri I am willing to lend you my account BUT I have no acces to the spellbook yet but will get this if you can give me an indication on how likely you will add this
  2. Hello everybody, I got a question which is not directly related to the script but it kinda is. Does anyone know which dungeons are accessible with this script (webwalking)? I have had some trouble with the slayer dungeon near rockcrabs, bluerit/ice warrior dungeon and the karamja lesser demon dungeon. And to make this post a little more related, EPIC script have been using this a long time now 0 bans.
  3. This looks really promising. Thinking of purchasing, but I'm going to wait until it gets updated after the poll comes through.
  4. Of course this is not the best XP, but it mimics a player afk training while watching a movie. I would love the option to be able to use the ABC2, much love to you if you could implement it
  5. I hope that you could at least implement the option of activating it. It would also increase your sales as Tri is the only ABC2 fighter available right now. So far I've been having success with ABC2 scripts whereas old ABC tend to get banned quite quickly.
  6. Well there you go! Like I said, not blaming the script. I'm a satisfied user and have been for a year right now. Was just wondering whether something was up, and if the #1 has half of the accs online something must be going on ^^ Thanks @Encoded
  7. Hey Druid, is it possible to trade items to the accounts using the auto trade plugin? For example: I create 10 fresh accounts, instantly put progressive mode on. After 10 logs i call them to come to Varrock bank. When they trade me the logs I put axes as counter offer will they accept and bank them?
  8. Anyone else getting loads of bans? Just had a new batch of 10 progressives banned at around level 42, using reaction times. Not blaming the script I'm just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this. All accs are proxied with proper break handlers ofc.
  9. Awesome system! Thanks. How will I set up reaction times through this? (Sorry for all the questions, but a lot to figure out after being away for a while )
  10. Is the client starter argument still client_starter? @Encoded
  11. Hey Encoded thanks for the update. Noticed that when its fishing lobsters on Karmja it idles like this while fishing. And then it does not detect that the inv is full. I am using reaction times.