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  1. ObZ

    Credits via PayPal help

    They are normally within 2-5mins.
  2. ObZ

    Careful with autoresponder!

    Yeah its so dangerous.
  3. 10 Credits. Hunter is high ban rate. Also depends on how long you bot.
  4. ObZ

    [R] Mining/Smithing script.

    your not going to get a complexed script like that for $10-15 mate. estimate; $50 - 60 +
  5. ObZ

    Best "break taking" settings?

    That is good idea.
  6. ObZ

    aThiever v2 [Pickpocketing]

    This is very impressive.
  7. ObZ

    Making a Main

    Slayer bot is amazing. Mute always updates within a few hours of anything broken. ''Tri'' All his scripts i could suggest, all really good.