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  1. Free Flax Spinner

    free proggy for u m8
  2. cryptos anyone?

  3. I think Jagex is trying to tell me something

    i don't get it either tbh
  4. Playerunkown's Battlegrounds

    if you want to buy skins for rsgp etc let me know =)
  5. one per auth ban?

    yes it means you're authorised to run 1 account at a time
  6. Best site to BUY/SELL RSGP???

    www.RealistGold.com <--- Totally unbiased
  7. Just call me Yahoo

  8. Let's raise money for Trilez to buy a new computer!

    right, waiting for Trilez though, bet it's literally the last thing on his to-do list see you in 2k18
  9. Let's raise money for Trilez to buy a new computer!

    you've been waiting more than 5 months to reach level 1? glad it's not just me ^.^ i applied after i heard people were charging 1.5m per credit lmao
  10. Let's raise money for Trilez to buy a new computer!

    wut? i've been waiting 5 months to be able to transfer more than 5 credits haha think you tagged the wrong person
  11. Let's raise money for Trilez to buy a new computer!

    haha good joke! only 3 about 3-5 people can actually transfer more than 5 credits bud
  12. give the boy a credit raise while ya at it <3
  13. We should be compensated!

    or he could just be Swedish
  14. OSBuddy 3.0 [HD GRAPHICS?!]

    looks cool, the gear/players kinda give a pre-eoc vibe
  15. BITCOIN? hello?

    Only a small amount of people can sell 5+ credits/month atm that's why the rates are so high
  16. credit system needs to be re-worked imo. there are always people needing credits and then there are trusted people that want to but can't sell credits due to limits. just putting that out there =)
  17. Bitcoin Payments

  18. chaos druid horrible luck?

    looks like it's not looting something lol or calcing wrongly
  19. Gaming Laptop Needed

    go with an MSI
  20. How do i improve my english?

    keep it up and just find out what each word you don't understand means as you go along just keep at it, you'll get better gradually
  21. tribot is detected

    u guys debated all that to agree that their methods are private? xD
  22. Have any of you received VIP compensation?

    i didn't get anything iirc
  23. Best script for making GP

    red chins and puro puro (hunter is boss money)
  24. Tri is words scripter

    they're old lol, he was begging for botting help only recently OT: PM him and post on his topic
  25. if you can run 24/7 longer than me then i'll accept your theories