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Everything posted by Realist

  1. Realist

    Free Flax Spinner

    free proggy for u m8
  2. Realist

    one per auth ban?

    yes it means you're authorised to run 1 account at a time
  3. Realist

    Best site to BUY/SELL RSGP???

    www.RealistGold.com <--- Totally unbiased
  4. give the boy a credit raise while ya at it <3
  5. Realist

    We should be compensated!

    or he could just be Swedish
  6. Realist

    BITCOIN? hello?

    Only a small amount of people can sell 5+ credits/month atm that's why the rates are so high
  7. Realist

    Bitcoin Payments

  8. Realist

    tribot is detected

    u guys debated all that to agree that their methods are private? xD
  9. Realist

    Have any of you received VIP compensation?

    i didn't get anything iirc
  10. Realist

    Best script for making GP

    red chins and puro puro (hunter is boss money)
  11. Realist

    Tri is words scripter

    they're old lol, he was begging for botting help only recently OT: PM him and post on his topic
  12. if you can run 24/7 longer than me then i'll accept your theories
  13. 2 newb botters arguing about detection *PSA PSA*
  14. Realist

    TRiBot Release 9.303_5

    my vip e wasn't extended rip
  15. please keep in mind he's using past tense here 'from when i' 'lasting me' 'changed since then' indicating that he's not done it in quite a while
  16. Realist

    Gem miner 30kexp/hour 400k/hour

    isn't this like really high req? (Shilo village)
  17. Realist

    USA Dragon Killer [500k/hr+][ABCL]

    dude he literally said he's fixing it in the post above?
  18. Realist

    [F2P] Pizza Maker [1.7k+ Pizzas/hr] [Up to 300k/hr]

    nice i remember when this was 1-2m/hr good ol' days nice method&script regardless!
  19. Realist

    heap size to run 4 bots

    rip the legend
  20. Realist

    heap size to run 4 bots

  21. Realist

    how long to age account before botting them.

    don't see a reason why not to, unless tut island / acc creation was botted but that's another discussion.
  22. Realist

    how long to age account before botting them.

    weath told me 12 days is the secret krabby patty formula now & realistically c'mon lol how does that have any impact >___>
  23. how long ago was that may i ask
  24. Realist

    Login Problem

    yeah that's a big issue as well as the bot not clicking the red box 'click here to play' sometimes
  25. Realist

    Currently best scripts?

    i know but seeing as we're discussing, would you like to test with me? we can start at the same time