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  1. free proggy for u m8
  2. Realist

    scam site

    always do research before you trade with another party
  3. i can do this Skype https://hatscripts.com/addskype?live%3Arealistgold or Discord Realist#1834
  4. yes it means you're authorised to run 1 account at a time
  5. www.RealistGold.com <--- Totally unbiased
  6. * Please do not contact my livechat regarding credit enquiries, strictly via PM or Skype only thanks Click HERE to add my Skype directly. Rates are as follows: 1 Credit = *ASK* 07 rate changes 1 Credit = $1.15 Bitcoin per credit UK Giftcards/Steam Skins/Keys/RS3 Rates = Ask on Skype! Skype is live:realistgold Please use the below screenshot as an aid to not get imposter scammed:
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