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  1. I am on a mac and currently updating my computer to let me even start installing vnc viewer on a few vps's. In the mean time would anyone like to set it up for me? I can offer a few mills 07 or a few bucks over paypal. I dont have much to offer, but any help would be appreciated. Add me on skype: Spikolii
  2. Spikoli

    Worldhopping Bug

    could you give it to me? I would appreciate it
  3. Spikoli

    Worldhopping Bug

    Its using tribots worldhopper. Is there a code to replace tribots worldhopper or to get around it?
  4. I received a private script and the worldhopping needs to hop to only members worlds that I am allowed to login to (no deadman or highskill level 1500 etc..) Is this happened for everyone else? Is there anyway around it? What can I do this needs to be fixed or the private script is pretty much worthless
  5. Im interested, but would you be willing to go first? Add my skype - Spikolii
  6. I have contacted a few scripters, but I have been looking for someone to make me this script for a year or two now. No one has time for it or wont bother with it. If you arent very experienced then it probably will be too difficult but I am willing to discuss the entire process of the script. It must also work on LG. Who's up for the job! Add me on skype: Spikolii
  7. added on skype. Glad to see some new scripters around here. Havent been on in awhile
  8. Spikoli

    Buying osscape Bm

    I will try thanks friend.:)
  9. Buying osscape blood money for 07gp. Pm me for more details.
  10. Spikoli

    Rspspk Arteropk

    Only Buying Arteropk now.
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