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  1. that link under "how to run" doesn't bring me anywhere :/ So not sure how to download this
  2. O-merta

    free scripts ?

    Thanks everyone. You guys pretty much answered everything i need to know. Thank you.
  3. O-merta

    free scripts ?

    I'm new to this community and the last one i was in didn't offer so many scripts. Are these free scripts all stable ? or are they free because they break down a lot and have higher ban rate ? Just curious how i should start botting with Tribot and what scripts i should be looking for.
  4. O-merta

    TRiBot Release 9.201_0

    Updates are very well appreciated [:
  5. O-merta

    Edgeville Chaos Druid Killer

    what's the fastest banking method supported by the script ? Varrock tabs ? or wouldn't falador tabs be faster ? I'll give it a run and report any bugs for you since im at work all night and i can keep an eye on it all night haha
  6. well he technically hasn't done anything yet except for make a suggestion. Definitely sounds like a good idea though to be more anti-ban proof