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  1. that link under "how to run" doesn't bring me anywhere :/ So not sure how to download this
  2. I would have no idea. But looks like there was an update just now
  3. Don't worry about me chicka
  4. are you starstruck or something ? do you need help moving on .....
  5. Is this information going up certain people's asses ? lol it's some random facts. I Like to smoke weed ... I guess not many people here are into conversations
  6. I think he was trying to hit on me
  7. Haha ! you can call it whatever you want. I just like Vagina. But I don't got anything against banana lovers , unless they look at me a certain type of way than I might feel uncomfortable.
  8. Thanks everyone. You guys pretty much answered everything i need to know. Thank you.
  9. thanks for the welcoming. and the feedback system seems to be the same as my last place so i believe I'll catch the flow pretty swiftly
  10. I'm new to this community and the last one i was in didn't offer so many scripts. Are these free scripts all stable ? or are they free because they break down a lot and have higher ban rate ? Just curious how i should start botting with Tribot and what scripts i should be looking for.
  11. Hello fellow botter's. I am definitely not new to botting. Although i am new to this community. I was apart of another community and decided I was in the wrong place. This bot's client looks a lot more safer and stable and looks you guys have a shitload of scripts ( I am a contributor and i buy what i like ) Well the name's alex. 21 year old who likes to smoke weed , have sex with women and like to be alone on the internet a lot. I guess it has to do with me being a bit anti-social Well I'm hoping this community is full of a lot of good people. Hoping the scam ratio isn't that high. Is there anything i should know about Tribot ?
  12. I might be one of the few people to have gotten a 2 day ban twice without a perm ban. My first 2 day ban expired, I believe that's why. So I'm guessing if a 2 day ban expires than you get another chance for another 2 day ban before the perm ban
  13. Updates are very well appreciated [:
  14. what's the fastest banking method supported by the script ? Varrock tabs ? or wouldn't falador tabs be faster ? I'll give it a run and report any bugs for you since im at work all night and i can keep an eye on it all night haha
  15. ah so basically the free scripts are a bunch of random scripts, and well I've gotten stuck in like 3 randoms already if it continues should i let trilez know about it or something ? maybe it was just the scripts that messed it up