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  1. Yo, i got a few big servers laying round, if you want to start up a bot farm with me and spit everything 50/50 hitty me up. specs of each server: Intel Xeon E5 2630v4 (10x2.20ghz) x2 of that cpu256gb ddr3 ecc ram 1tb ssd 1gbps - have a bunch hmu if interested
  2. Could not stress this enough, finally got it working, through pure luck, other 10 attempts just did not work. It's at the 20 minute mark and finally finished first inventory and guess what if i was doing this legit i would of gotten it in 3-5 minutes. Disgustingly terrible script, stupid to even still be on the market absolute piss take
  3. It's at the bank fucking around, achieving nothing, this script is dead, i want my money back. DO NOT BUY.
  4. Starts and runs to the back, haha okay absolutely garbage script.
  5. ........................................... I've selected that i ONLY WANT ELETRIC IMPLINGS & It's literally catching them all........................................
  6. Buying 4 credits 1.1m/osrs gp each, will not go first unless you're trusted or can use a MM
  7. Looking to start a 2006 revision server, i've got PHP & SQL experience as well as a dedicated OVH server, looking for a java developer to join along side me. I know the basics of Java i can also learn it in the past I used to own a server for 2 years it was pretty successful, had around 60 players daily in the summer. Anyway, the idea is to be be the first PK/Economy/Skilling server in the 377/2006 revision. PM & Post if interested.
  8. It has about 3 weeks left, please post your offers, can install any OS.
  9. Merch botting.
  10. Both accounts just got banned 1 fresh one with 25m other one with 35m. Was using my private proxies. rip.
  11. also got hit, the account that i use the tutorial island bot got banned, other one didn't, don't use the tutorial island script....