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  1. Doesn't open door in hosts house
  3. piece of shit, priest and peril and animal mag are broken
  4. Still tries to open gate after its been destroyed.. "It's been totally destroyed"
  5. This is poorly written, should ask for some help. Would be very easy to fix this up
  6. I've just quit as well. I prob only made around 500m. Just isn't worth it anymore
  7. clay/soft clay
  8. Yeah but multiple people could have registered it before
  9. youre dust
  10. wastedbro ignored all my pms when I had a problem with his script
  11. Where do you live? Try a RS server in your country?
  12. New account, even if P2P = perm Older, e.g. >1 yr generally = 2 days
  13. Since you want to keep it private, which is understandable, only post the code to where it clicks the rocks
  14. Its definitely a possible theory. Jagex clearly tracks a movement that 99% of bots must do, e.g. walking, tutorial island, etc and just masters a way to ban off that method