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  1. Maffyou

    FOR experienced botters only***

    tryed to do drags?
  2. Maffyou

    i had an account banned using sock5 proxy

    R.I.P proxies makes the chance of getting caught just a little bit less lel
  3. how long did it take from level 13-87 mage?
  4. Maffyou

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    this got an anti-ban?
  5. Maffyou

    Can't start scripts. What's happening?

    tryed to delete then redownload?
  6. ill buy this as soon as i can, (in 2 days probally)
  7. this costs money right?
  8. Maffyou

    Turoth Killing Bot withloot

    if you want that for rs3 you should go to another site
  9. Maffyou

    Smelting into bars script!

    i think there's a free script for that.
  10. Gets stuck here...... Also, Keeps getting stuck here after each trip.... Could be due to the recent update?? Not too sure. Also, how do i sort my sig out?!!?!
  11. Having problems with looting... I'm camping wyverns, my looting is set up like this: It just seems to kill one, then just kill another. Not actually looting anything. HELP.
  12. Try it out, the script is perfect. Like dax said if your botting anything there's a high chance you'll get banned! It's the luck of the draw.