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  1. Does anyone have an ID looting list?(to loot the good drops from cyclops for dragon defenders)
  2. I literally thought this was just RS3. I might give it a try
  3. I got banned on my last account for this script. Hopefully it doesent happen on my new account (Paid $300 for it) It's my own risk. But hopefully the script is good now
  4. If you die, the bot should teleport back to nightmz with the minigames teleport ( I think it was walking back with death walker) but it would be 100x faster
  5. Same here. I have 6 accounts, and will sell games for 6k each. I have made enough money to waste my time for a few days
  6. Heres a bug: If someone buys a game from your host, and he miss clicks, and runs outside the dream area, and returns, he will drink the potion (essentially scamming the other person)
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