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  1. Gods Air Orb Charger [ABC2] [250-400k+/hr]

    Been using LG for the past few days because I personally think it helps with bans. This script IS functional on LG with the occasional error every 2-3 hours. All you have to do is make sure you are running LG on OSbuddy and to the corresponding java/bit to your computer to get the best results. Have also ran it on normal tribot client with no errors other than this one (only usually 5-45 mins into running). Script starts opens bank and then closes it saying it doesn't have supplies, closes and shuts down, occurs on both LG and tribot regular. All supplies was at the top of the bank with plenty of supplies left and with default graphic settings. https://imgur.com/a/I6wa7 Also I never use world hopping even the built in one seems to mess up occasionally, no de-bug to show on it just stays at the world hop screen.
  2. Gods Air Orb Charger [ABC2] [250-400k+/hr]

    Would you say the ban rate is then higher on LG due to bugs? I am not fond of trying to run it on a regular client because of previous bans.
  3. Gods Air Orb Charger [ABC2] [250-400k+/hr]

    Yeah I only use LG, and no I never do the re-run script, I use the start script option and refill my settings each time.
  4. Gods Air Orb Charger [ABC2] [250-400k+/hr]

    Been stuck here at the trapdoor again for 30 minutes, you can read the debug from the screenshot is different then before, but it's not fixing itself this time. https://imgur.com/a/x0c71 Also I noticed every time I restart the script after it was stopped once, it continulously withdraws a stamina pot and then closes the bank opens it again and then withdraws one more and repeats. This problem is solved by closing the current tribot window and then opening a new one and it works like normal, just thought I would bring it to your attention. https://imgur.com/a/c4pmY
  5. Gods Air Orb Charger [ABC2] [250-400k+/hr]

    Yeah I started w/o arguments and it worked fine, dumb question sorry. I restarted client its working fine now, I assumed it wasn't the script because it happened right after the anti-ban. Next time I'll post less debug just wanted to be thorough.
  6. Gods Air Orb Charger [ABC2] [250-400k+/hr]

    So it just doesn't use food? Dumb question Also it's standing here by the trap door and just rotating the camera https://imgur.com/a/rGytR
  7. Gods Air Orb Charger [ABC2] [250-400k+/hr]

    how do you do this?
  8. Gods Air Orb Charger [ABC2] [250-400k+/hr]

    is there any way to get around this until it updates? I just bought this script and now pretty much if you get attacked it stops...
  9. Gods Air Orb Charger [ABC2] [250-400k+/hr]

    gets stuck when world hopping after teleporting away from a pker, just sits there at world select https://imgur.com/a/zUQpq
  10. First tanz fang!
  11. anybody know if it's fixed yet?
  12. First proggy with rune crossbow not running too long dont wanna get banned///max main account btw
  13. No hate but guys be careful as fuck and if you already have a ban on your account expect it to be banned within the hour of botting this right now. Just trained up an old hunter acc from 77-83 hunting and got skills 1-50 mage 36wc 31 craft to be banned within 1 hour. Be careful guys!!
  14. just bought and noticed that if your inv is full with ppots/overloads when first entering it keeps clicking the spec wep pretty much wasting your first ppot