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smelly hunt

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  1. I was also just about to buy, $20 for 3 months is too much for me tbh
  2. smelly hunt

    Taking requests for FREE scripts

    A lumbridge trainer would be fantastic. Starting at level 3, and advancing around lumbridge using different spots dependant on level. chickens, golins, cows and moving around should mean a lower ban rate than the current bad cows scripts.
  3. I'm not sure why but the script continues to run but my character just stands there and doesn't continue cutting. Its done this a few times now edit: sorry ignore me it seems to be pausing for some reason, probably something wrong on my side.
  4. smelly hunt

    TRiBot Release 9.201_0

    Love the welcome message
  5. smelly hunt

    Jmods are bullying me Wahhh Wahhh XD

    @udidoo pm me with the script
  6. Botted up to 60 attack and 62 strength, fantastic bot but got a 2 day ban despite using breaks and being sensible. Detection rate is very high at the moment, I'll probably try my luck again on another account.
  7. smelly hunt

    Jmods are bullying me Wahhh Wahhh XD

    If they catch you botting they're gonna ban you regardless of how long it was for. If the account is new you're likely to get a perma-ban, if you've had the account for a while you normally get a 2 day ban first.
  8. the coding on this script is absolutely fantastic, very well polished. Certainly feels like a premium script right off the bat. Make more scripts! Thank you
  9. Got banned using this today, otherwise a fantastic script. @hetbaasje2k13 at what times do you bot? do you only bot at night, do you play legit or bot at all during the day? thanks
  10. lumbridge west goblins and spiders. its the death walk it always messed up, clicks on the inside of the castle sometimes and it runs back and forth. Want me to try capture a video ?
  11. the deathwalk isn't working at all for me, clicks on the minimap and just goes back and forth so very obvious. I assume this isn't meant to happen though, any tips on how to fix this?
  12. had a few issues with this at first, it couldn't walk to lumbridge west from lumbridge bank. Will try and beat some of your proggies! Thanks again Tri for a fantastic script, the beginning for my staking account