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smelly hunt

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  1. First post is offering a service for money. seems legit.
  2. Asking for a tribot PM always helps add another layer of assurance. If both of those are compromised then I think its 100% the sellers negligence
  3. seems legit
  4. If its python its normally homework, pm me and let me know what it is I can probably help you out
  5. If I wasn't so swamped with university work I'd give this a go, going to be swamped for another year though im afraid!
  6. accounts are almost always recoverable, hence the rules. The chance of getting ripped off is just incredibly high so its unlikely you'll sell your account anywhere unless you have fantastic feedback (and off course off Tribot)
  7. 3 posts and breaking the rules. seems legit.
  8. I'll buy, i'm buying loads at the moment ha but its all for personal use so not technically merching
  9. :(

    Ooh will have to discuss recipe for disaster price with you, I've done it a few times but I'm extremely lazy!
  10. 10% fee to make the bond tradeable.
  11. I would have been happy to use any reputable member of the community as a middleman. @Flax is more than reputable. Deal with caution. He also advised me that the only script he would use would be a cows script.
  12. Paying for an account to be levelled from start to 60 attack and 70 strength. Agreed price: 4m
  13. I was also just about to buy, $20 for 3 months is too much for me tbh
  14. How much would you charge to powerlevel an account from start. 60 attack, 70 strength? no other stats needed